Unlocking potential and unleashing digital performance via “The Power of Collective Thinking”

Digital is in Positive’s DNA

Positive is expert in delivering best-in-class creative and technical website builds with hosting and support services, coupled with an integrated search offering of channel marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, social, content and display advertising.

We offer audience behaviour and UX insights via analytics and research. Our ideas are produced from a rich blend of fact and creativity, and we deliver digital infrastructure via a mix of relevant technologies, system integrations, design and build.

We live and operate in a complex world, and this is no more highlighted than in the challenges and opportunities facing our clients and their digital ecosystems.

There’s a lot to do, a lot to keep in mind, to have skills and experience in and, to make matters worse, everything that you thought you knew tends to change at velocity.

In simple terms, our belief is that no one individual can ever hope to truly have all the answers. And chances are any changes you make to your website or digital marketing activity will have implications for other components of your digital ecosystem and customer experience.

The Power of Collective Thinking

We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to provide them with a strength and depth of smart people who are able to challenge thinking and problem solve in all areas of the digital mix; to leverage the diversity of talent within our business to unlock the challenges and potential in our client’s business.

Great minds like a think

At Positive, when we embark on a new challenge, we share the brief with a representative from every digital skillset within our business, from design, technology and UX, to performance marketing, digital strategy and data analytics, even if at first glance some areas may seem unrelated or the scope of brief is quite narrow.

The best ideas have no pecking order

Our approach challenges assumptions and preconceptions that ideas and deliveries have to come from specific teams or departments within the agency or client.

Why? Because, the more diverse thinking we initially activate, the more cooperative effort we can deploy against a particular challenge, the better and faster the positive outcomes will be for our clients.

Positive look at every business challenge through a 360 degree lens, ensuring that the diversity of skills within the agency is brought to the fore, and that a solution is fully thought through from the top to the bottom of the user journey funnel. And it’s a methodology that has consistently enabled us to unlock incremental opportunity and uplift revenue for our clients. 


Julian Reiter

Chief Executive Officer

Maia Honan

Chief Client Officer

Peter Cronin

Chief Operating Officer

Adelle Noor

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Carter

Head of Creative

Andrew Steel

Chief Strategy Officer

Tim Chitty

Head of Support

Michael Eustace

Head of Development

Rich Maidment

Head of People

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