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This is the new way we approach things

Our connected marketing solutions help brands attract and retain customers, delivering better outcomes in terms of increasing traffic, conversion, retention and advocacy.


It's easy to claim to offer connected customer journeys

But in truth, many brands fail to deliver due to a breakage somewhere along the line. It could be a disconnect between sales and marketing departments, or disparate legacy systems not talking to each other, or siloed data preventing a single customer view, or a website that doesn't offer customer clear reasons to engage deeper and convert to action. 

All are common problems we've come across but the nature of Positive's business means we understand the customer journey from one end of the funnel to the other – how to design and build new ones, and how to identify and fix flaws in existing ones.

Creating a truly connected customer journey starts with using business intelligence gleaned from market research or search insights to identify the right audience for clients' products and solutions. 

Once we've targeted them through the right blend of digital and offline channels, it's about delivering consumers rich and interactive user experiences coupled with optimal paths to conversion – an action point such as a purchase, a click to call back, a recommendation or a share…

When a customer has engaged with our client's brand then it's about using any data we capture on them to provide more personal communications that give the customer reasons to come back and buy again and again. And our ultimate goal is to turn these loyal customers into brand advocates, evangelists and fans, willing to tell family and friends what all the fuss is about.