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Brand development & positioning

We have a very simple approach to brand development & positioning. Focusing on a customer’s needs and promoting the related benefits our clients' customers receive from engaging with their products or services is the easiest way to achieve success. 

Brands are too often blinded by corporate goals and objectives, and we often see them pushing out messages they want their customers to understand without first understanding what their audiences want to hear.

We have a simple process to help ensure the correct focus for briefs and implementation, and to guarantee we are providing answers to the four key areas we believe drive successful brand acceptance and engagement.


Our positioning, design style and tone need first and foremost to deliver against customer’s emotions to create the reason for them to engage – so key to all forms of acquisition and retention  


Reduce pre- and post-purchase dissonance by delivering answers to the rational concerns once the initial emotions have subsided.


The consideration of actual product and service delivery – how are we going to interact with our customers; what point of difference can we create through these channels to build the necessary stand out and desire.


Make it easy for converted customers to become one of the most important brand channels of all – positive customer advocates.