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crm & data strategy


With CRM, we want to encourage brand loyalty, drive repeat business and attract customers? Our CRM marketing services are all about creating personalised, segmented and targeted direct marketing or email campaigns.

We create record breaking click through rates from direct and email campaigns created both in their entirety by us, or in collaboration with our client teams.

We also know a successful CRM strategy doesn’t end with broadcast. At Positive it ends with conversion and, whatever you’re after, we deliver the goods.

Our CRM marketing services include:

  • CRM strategy
  • CRM management
  • Design, print and broadcast services
  • Custom landing page to ensure a smooth transition to your website
  • Personalised URL-based communications that leverage key data insights
  • Multi-variant testing to work out the approach that generates the best results



Targeting the right people with the right message at the right time has never been more important. But delivering one-to-one communications that can cut through the noise of the advertising world requires a seamless blend of specialist skills – starting with data strategy and data planning.

Adopting a single customer view should be the very first place that marketers start when considering direct marketing or CRM. But it’s surprising how many we encounter who are held back by a lack of insight about their own customers. This is where consumer data comes in.

We have teams of data scientists with years of experience who can show you how to unlock the valuable information hidden in your consumer data so you can begin using data planning to build better, more relevant direct response marketing communications and CRM programmes.

Our data strategy services include:

  • Devising a data strategy for your brand
  • Unlocking consumer data
  • Data planning
  • Database maintenance and management