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Website marketing strategy

Core to the success of any website strategy for today's 'always on' world is to build with the correct structure to support relevancy and the flexibility to allow for fast changes. Any website strategy really should start with 'Build with the never-ending in mind' rather than 'Set it and forget it'. 

We work with clients to understand what they really want from their website before we begin: what are their goals? What do they want the website to do; generate leads, serve as a research tool to educate visitors about your products and services; provide interactive tools for existing customer; recruit employees? These goals will guide and drive all functional and design considerations thereafter.

Then we bring it all together by integrating a content management system (CMS), site analytics, and a CRM solution to ensure you can track leads through to sales. A winning web strategy is one that is an ongoing process of planning, executing, measuring and adjusting, particularly when you are executing tactical online marketing activity to drive visitors. 

We provide regular analysis and fine tuning to help clients understand what goal they are furthering with a tactical activity; how this activity influences or causes progress of a lead; and then what metric they need to use to gauge it's effectiveness.