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5 Digital Marketing Jobs That Definitely Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago



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Digital marketing is to the job industry what, say, Coconut Oil Lattes are to coffee-drinkers or what Kosovo, the country, is to our world. That is: it’s pretty brand new in the grand scheme of things. Ask someone just ten years ago what SEO, or social media marketing, or PPC was, and you’d likely receive a couple of blinks and a blank stare in response.


And yet, in just a few short years, digital marketing has become one of the most powerful – and rapidly growing – sectors in the world. And it’s showing no sign of slowing down. Why? Because it helps connect business to customer, or business to business, in a way nothing else can. And with digital marketing’s massive boom, myriad new jobs have sprouted up that didn’t exist a sweet decade ago.


Here’s a look at five of our favourite digital marketing positions and how – when it comes to marketing your brand – you’ll want them in your corner: 


SEO Analyst


If you know anything at all about digital marketing, you’ve probably heard the word SEO (search engine optimisation) a couple of thousand times. As our Head of Search, Dan Whitehouse, so aptly put it:


“SEO is where the magic happens. The pixy dust that illuminates just how to grow your brand. Without it, you haven’t even begun tapping into your company’s potential.”


And we’re inclined to agree. See, an SEO Analyst knows how to do some of The Most Important Stuff: optimise your content and website so that when people search for brands like yours, they find yours. With hundreds of companies vying for that sweet top spot at the top of Google’s (or any other search engine’s), it’s pretty vital to have an SEO Analyst on your side who knows the tools and strategies to help you get your page there.


UX Designer

UX (user experience) Designers do sort of exactly what it sounds like: they focus on your potential customers’ experiences, from your landing pages and calls to action to your customers’ purchase journeys across your websites and any other products you have, like an app. But this goes further than just making sure customers’ time spent on your site is smooth and engaging. UX Designers help tap into key insights about your online users to help you shape things around their behaviours.


YouTube Vlogger/Influencer


People have been blogging for a good while now, but vlogging (see: video blogging) is one of digital marketing’s newest phenomena. And who knew, when YouTube appeared in 2005, that it would be the platform 75% of Generation Z dreamed to build their career on one day. Which is exactly what today’s vloggers, or influencers, are doing. Through ad revenue and product sponsorship, vloggers are probably some of the savviest digital marketers out there.


Why? Because as a successful vlogger, you’re mastering brand creation of one of the toughest things out there: yourself. And with the right influencer helping to market your brand, you can engage a bigger audience than you would likely be able to reach on your own.


Digital Marketing Specialist


This one’s a no brainer – with digital marketing’s growing commercial power, Digital Marketing Specialists are sought-after for their expert, holistic understanding of the industry’s ever-expanding niches. While the objectives of digital marketers aren’t all that different to their traditional marketer counterparts – create a brand, tell its story, connect to consumers and ultimately sell a particular product or service – Digital Marketing Specialists are experts when it comes to effective online marketing techniques. And from social media marketing and paid media to search marketing, Digital Marketing Specialists have their finger to digital’s ever-changing pulse to help your company thrive.


Social Media Manager


Nothing says 21st Century innovation quite like social media’s rise over the past ten years. Somewhere along the way, in the past ten years – right after MySpace’s sparkling debut and (Facebook-driven) glittering demise, when Twitter was still a couple of years away from existence and LinkedIn was in its toddler stage – social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world.


And what with, oh, only 2.46 billion people around the world using social media, it’s not all that surprising that companies are scrambling to hire the right someone to help them connect with their target markets across the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and beyond. This is where Social Media Managers come in – strategising and managing a brand’s social media presence and communications across a brand’s social networks, they have the power to make or break a brand’s narrative and reach.


There you have it, folks. A summary of some of Digital Marketing’s star players. At Positive, we’ve got the crème de la crème of these to give your brand that stand-out factor. Give us a call and let’s discuss how.