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5 of the web’s best 404 error pages


Landing on an error page can be really frustrating for your visitors so turn those frowns upside down with a custom error page. Many marketers underestimate the importance of a custom 404 error page but presenting yours in a funny, unusual or innovative manner means you can retain your visitors and get them to come back for more. Let a few of our favourites inspire you…



Ever felt like screaming when you land on a 404? This goat does it for you! Bluegg uses the screaming goat YouTube viral sensation to its advantage.



This website enables you to create a web page that looks like a business card in just a few minutes. It’s clever 404 page has just the right amount of wit, demonstrable design and a clear call to action.



The ringtone-making service’s 404 page features an insanely artistic montage of London, including a big red bus (aptly the number 404) and Big Ben. The site’s worth a visit for the artwork alone.


8 heinz error page

The immortal glass ketchup bottle devoid of its tomatoey goodness speaks louder than words but Heinz get extra points for including useful links to where the user really wants to be.


404 error page mashable

My all-time favourite 404 error page. Am I allowed to say that?!

If these charming examples have taught you a thing or three, it’s to make sure your error page has an original design, offers a solution and provides practical information. Looking for a big design brain? Get in touch.