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5 SEO Trends That Will Shake Up 2015


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With Google developments consistently turning everything you knew about search engine optimisation on its head, the future of SEO is likely to be just as subversive in 2015. And we can’t wait. Here’s some trends we can predict from previous developments.

Content will drive search rankings

In the not-so-distant future, content marketing will be the biggest influence when it comes to search visibility. SEO will meanwhile remain invaluable when it comes to keyword research, meta information, indexing and penalty recovery.

Sites that ignore mobile will fail

In 2014 it became glaringly obvious that Google is holding a high view of mobile usability. It’s been testing mobile-friendly icons next to search results and penalising sites that generate errors for mobile users.

Brand mentions will become as powerful as links

Google is now differentiating between traditional links and ‘implied links’ – references or mentions of a brand or website that don’t actually link to the site. These citations are less likely to be manipulated by link building schemes.

Social signals will become a significant factor in ranking algorithm

The influence of social signals to SEO has been widely debated, with Google denying that social signals are part of its ranking algorithm and strong evidence suggesting otherwise. It’s our belief that social signals will prove their SEO worth in 2015.

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Search rankings will be led by influencers

Relationship building will be increasingly important to SEO in 2015. Social media engagement, blogger outreach campaigns, building brand advocates and reaching out to influencers are strategies that will surpass technical compliance with the robots.

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