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Ad and Stats of the Week: Skoda’s Got a Big Message



And it’s as brilliantly smart as it is important.


Over the past year or so, Skoda – the Czech car manufacturer – has been fiercely rolling out a brand transformation to coincide with their release of new models with unusual, surprising, and innovative features.


Their pièce de résistance? A dog seat belt. That is a seat belt for your dog. Which we won’t judge you for not ever having given much thought to in the past. Up until now, our fur-buddies usually have free reign on road trips. But after Skoda’s New ad? Colour us enlightened.


Through their ad and broader campaign, the company highlights the fact that – in a car accident – a dog becomes “a one-ton missile”. How does the brand communicate this in a creative, non-scary, non-morbid way?

Enter Doug – he’s just like any other dog, except he’s giant, and weighs one ton. And so, naturally, he has a large effect on everything around him – think broken couch, or flooded garage due to his super-sized wet-doggy shake (accidentally, of course – because he’s a VERY good boy). By showing the impact his weight has in this way, accompanied by stellar, to-the-point, compelling copy, Skoda drives (ba-dum tshh) its message home in the best possible way:  


“A one-ton dog can be damaging; now imagine it in a car, driving at 50mph. In the event of an accident, your dog becomes a one-ton projectile.”


Brb, adopting a pup and buying a Skoda. Let the road trips commence.


Stats corner:


40% of marketers state that proving the ROI of their campaigns and online activities is their company’s top marketing challenge


39% of marketers expect to use an average of 6 or more channels over two years


78% of marketers plan to adapt to increase their use of cross channel attribution


30% of marketers plan on changing attribution model in the next 6 months