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Ad of the Week: Pure class from DairyPure


Stats Corner – Is Voice Search set to dominate 2019?

  • Only 2% of Alexa-enabled device owners used their device to assist in their online shopping.


  • Google says it sold a Google Home device every second since October 19th 2017


  • Alexa only tried to answer 53.4% of the questions asked, and Siri attempted less than half in a recent study by Stone temple.


  • Of the results received, Alexa answered 44.3% of questions correctly whilst Siri only managed 32.7% 


Ad of the Week

We may be able to ignore the misinformed trends that are predicted to take over 2019 through people’s naïvetés and gullibility, but one thing that is 100000% not going away is Brexit. Yep, not even ‘Ad of the Week’ is safe from the six letter word that is scientifically proven to bore, anger and confuse more people than any other. With a no-confidence vote, headline news this morning and what seems like more political and media disorder than ever, it’s sometimes necessary to take a candid approach on the world in order to regain some sanity.


DairyPure have tapped into this philosophy by showcasing their product to a growing cultural and consumer desire hoping to move away from things bringing stress and negativity. The advert effectively connects to its audience by aiming at the innocence of its audience who are looking to escape from reality for a second.


The commercial begins with a father at the breakfast table, scrolling through his news feed and being bombarded by arguing politicians and depressing headlines reading ‘The Nation Divided’. Mornings don’t get much worse unless you’ve experienced the pain of looking into an empty box of coco pops.


The mood swiftly changes however when the son sits beside his dad with his own bowl of cereal and Dairy Pure milk, and the gloom and news is swiftly replaced by cartoons and laughter. Together they share in a moment of simple innocence whilst the film concludes with the words, “Pure milk, pure moments. Nothing else. DairyPure.”


A truly legenDairy ad by DairyPure.