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Amazon under the Microscope


We all know that everyone is playing catch-up to Amazon when it comes to E-commerce, but just how far ahead of the field are they?

Stats Corner

  • Amazon Prime members spend $1,300 per year, nearly double the $700 spent by non-members.


  • 43% of teenagers say Amazon is their favourite shopping website.


  • Amazon spent $3.4 billion on advertising in 2017.


  • 90% of consumers check Amazon for a product even if they have found it on another website.


Sources: Statista: 'Average spending of Amazon Prime and non-Prime members'; Piper Jaffray: 'A collaborative consumer insights project'; Mediakix: '8 Fascinating Amazon Statistics To Know In 2018'; Bloomreach: 'State of Amazon 2016 Report'.


Will Amazon rule Xmas creative as well?

It causes arguments amongst work colleagues and splits many a household down the middle. Rumours are, there have even been divorces as a result of the heated disputes. That’s right, we’re talking about Christmas adverts.


Amazon ads have been a regular on our small screens over the past decade, but 2017 saw th company’s first serious foray into the highly competitive and prestigious Christmas ad race.


The usual heavy hitters were ever-present, with John Lewis widely regarded as wearing the Xmas ad crown with their heartstring-pulling commercials. At this point, they’re nothing short of a national tradition, routinely racking up millions of YouTube views in the first few hours.


More than 1 billion people are on Facebook and another 330 million actively using Twitter, making it easier than ever to exchange opinions about each brand’s efforts to become the country’s favourite advert. And with John Lewis’ 2017 attempt, featuring an ugly monster and confusing storyline, the hype just didn’t deliver, allowing Amazon to slip into the top spot with their singing boxes.


The Amazon advert is sweet and will leave you with a smile bigger than the ones on the starring packages, Roger Hodgson’s earworm of a song will be in your head all day long, and who could be annoyed when it’s such a banger?


Kudos to Amazon for creating such a feel-good ad. With just 69 days to Christmas (who’s counting?), expect to see more tear-jerking creativity from the trillion-dollar company in the coming weeks.