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Amazon to Hit High Street with Physical Stores?


In a rumour sure to send shivers down the spine of high street retailers around the world, Amazon is said to be acquiring a bricks and mortar presence. The word on the street is that internet giant will be buying a sample of 4000 physical stores previously owned by US electrical parts company RadioShack – which the likes of Amazon shamefully put out of business.


The idea of Amazon having a physical presence may seem counterintuitive. After all, its success boils down to offering a breadth of choice that’s impossible to replicate and maintain in a store environment.

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However, Amazon introducing same-day delivery in the US has put a question mark above the idea that it should be an internet-only business.  It proved it can shift a magnitude of core products quickly enough to compete with physical stores in terms of how quickly a consumer can have the product to hand.


The prospect of a physical shop with the ability to stock thousands of products at a price that undercuts the high street is the build of dreams for less tech-savvy customers – but the build of nightmares for retailers.

Image: Nevada38