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Black Friday stuff we found on the web this week


Stats Corner

  • Over half of Black Friday shoppers have made a purchase prior to the main event.


  • Just 21% of shoppers will just purchase from brands they normally shop with over Black Friday.


  • Just 4% of shoppers plan to brave the crowd’s in-store, with the large majority opting for online shopping instead.


  • Black Friday is still the busiest shopping days for stores, but traffic is declining – in 2018, it fell as much as 9% from 2017.


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Ad of the Week

Black Friday is usually seen as a chance for brands to play around with their advertising campaigns in a gimmicky way before they release their more heartfelt messaging for the Christmas period. And with the popularity of Black Friday increasing year on year, and more companies wanting to join the party, it can be hard to cut through the deafening noise from tedious ads, boasting about deals like 90% off this Kindle you’ll use twice before using as a drinks coaster.


The only thing worse than navigating these overrated deals is trying to find the best ones to ‘treat’ your office Secret Santa with at work. It can be hungry work scrolling down pages and reaching for your wallet, which is where Burger King aims to capitalise on your cravings. They created their own website https://whopper-shopper.com where you could claim your free whopper burger vouchers. They’ve sold out now, trust me I’ve tried.


What’s the catch?


Well, you have to buy an item first from one of the brands that feature on the website by clicking on their display banner, however that shouldn’t be a problem seeing as the new website is nothing but banners! This crazy idea ensures that a percentage of the money made through these transactions when somebody clicks on a banner and buys something goes to Burger King. This money will then in-turn, get recycled back to the customer in the form of a whopper voucher.


It’s a win-win-win for the fast food giants, the companies they’re promoting, and all the average Joe’s out there.