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Brighton SEO Slides: September 2017


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Brighton SEO – a bi-annual search engine love-in that has blossomed into the world’s largest SEO conference. Attracting thought leaders and speakers from all over the world who discuss all things search, content and social.

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Ranking Factors

Christopher Cemper – Increase your search engine Traffic by up to 200% with this simple trick

Jo Turnbull and Daniel Furch – A different perspective on ranking factors

Duane Forrester – Markup, user driven change and your future: do this today for success tomorrow


Advanced keyword Research

Stacey Macnaught – Tactical, practical Keyword Research for today’s SEO campaigns

Sophie Coley - Answering the public – how to find top notch audience insight in search data and how to apply it

Bill Slawski – Understanding context vectors for Keyword Research


Technical SEO

Peter Nikolow – Quick and dirty server-side tweaks to improve your SEO

Dominic Woodman – Advanced Site Architecture

Dawn Anderson – Generational Cruft in SEO: there’s never a new site when there’s history


Onsite Content

Shanelle Mullin – Content Optimisation: how to turn readers into revenue

Rebecca Brown – Why you should scrap your content budget line

Jon Myers – Links, Log Files, GSC and everything in between


APIs in Search

Yigit Konur – Connecting APIs without coding skills to create your own dashboards

Kostas Voudouris – Performance based optimisation using Google Search Console API

Stephan Solomonidis – Using natural language APIs in SEO



Chloe Bodard – SEO Quick Wins from a Technical Check

Sebastien Monnier – How Google Tag Manager can save your SEO

Aysun Akarsu - On the road to HTTPS Worldwide


Link Building

Fili Wiese – Linkbuilding 2018

Dixon Jones - Creating workflows for Link Building

Greg Clifford – Righteous Tips for building totally excellent Local Links


Crawl & Indexation

Chris Green – Robots: Txt, Meta & X – The snog, marry & avoid of the web crawling world

Francois Goube - How to optimise your crawl budget

Cindy Krum – Understanding the impact of Mobile-First Indexing


Online PR

Shannon McGuirk – News Hooks: What are they and how can you make the most of them in your digital PR and link building strategies

Sophie Everett – How to package and pitch a story to journalists

Bobbi Brant – How to get top links with an unknown brand and no budget


Content Marketing

Amy Harrison – The Customer Disconnect: How inside out copy makes you invisible

Chelsea Blacker – ROI Measurement in content marketing

Sam Charles – Blogging Advice that’ll make your job easier


Content Strategy

Jade Tolley – Hub, Hero & Hygiene: the only content times you need

Laura Hampton – Kick-Ass Content Strategies for a Customer focused Content Plan

Alan Cairns – The shortcomings of data for Content Strategy



Marcelle Antunes – How to produce creative campaigns worthy of BBC coverage

Hana Bednarova – The missing link: How to make sure journalists include links in their campaigns

Simon Brisk – How you can use automation to personalise outreach


SEO Fundamentals

Danny Richman – The small tweaks you need to be making to boost your existing rankings

Ric Rodriguez – The SEOs Guide to Javascript

Nicole Bullock - Managing multi-location listings in Google My Business


International SEO

Cecile Monty – International SEO: Optimising your Site for a Global Audience

Gemma Nortcliffe – Why International doesn’t always mean multilingual

Gavin Colborne – Web Governance in Multi-Nationals



Emily Mace – Technical SEO for ecommerce at home and abroad

Samuel Dean and Vlassios Rizopolous – What we have learnt from indexing over half a billion products

Ann Stanley – Top Tips for using Google Shopping Ads



Olga Andienko – Agile Marketing: A step-by step Guide

Andi Jarvis – The 7 questions you need to ask before you start Digital Marketing

Chris Simmance – What makes a good SEO strategy?


Javascript & Frameworks

Bartosz Goralewicz – Can Google properly crawl and index JavaScript? SEO Experiments, Results & Findings

Emily Grossman – PWAs and new JavaScript frameworks for mobile

David Lockie – Using open source software to speed up your roadmap



Ammon Johns – The Myth of domain authority

Myles Anderson – Harnessing your Online Reputation to win New Customers

Ben Harrow - Quality PR link Building with a terrible budget


Paid Social

Duane Brown – Video: The next frontier in Marketing

Susan Wenograd – Facebook Ads: turning on the faucet without drowning

Matt Beswick – Ridiculous to sublime. Paid Social: the story of the million dollar dog



Aleyda Solis – Setting AMP for Success

Jon Henshaw – Forget AMP, make fast sites

Danni Lapham – R-AMP up your mobile content: the accelerated mobile pages roadmap


Paid Search

Jeroen Maljers – Top 10 Adwords tactics for B2B LeadGen campaigns

Saija Mahon – How to use remarketing tactics to activate and enhance client retention

Anu Adeola – Excel formulae a PPC professional can’t live without


Influencer Marketing

Allyson Griffiths – Why Micro-Influencers are a knee jerk reaction to poor Influencer Marketing

Sophie Bishop - Field Notes from my PHD on Zoella

Mindy Gofton - Don’t call me BAE: Are you Engaging or Annoying your Customers?



Hannah Jane Giles – The distinct SEO advantage: messaging apps and robots

Emilie Reynaud – What I have learnt from launching a Chatbot

Jonathan Seal – Creating more human experiences with Chatbots



Luke Knight – Does the Trump card always work on Social Media?

Allegra Chapman – Measuring the ROI of social media marketing

Hannah Dempsey - Broadening your social listening beyond your brand


Future of Search

Daniel Rowles – Using advanced social listening techniques to drive SEO

Saeley Jnr. Johnson – Speak Easy: the Rise of Voice Search

Vikas Arora - Psychology of Search



Stephan Spencer – How to hire an insanely great SEO

Dorothy Agnew – Surviving the transition to the General Data Protection Regulation

Chris Munch – How to triple your client close rate using the Kings Rule



Jonathan Pascoe – What short form content means to ITN Productions

Sam Hanni - The Youtube Preferential: why marketers are losing money from ignoring Youtube as a traffic source

Jes Stiles – Marketing in 360 degrees: photos, videos and VR


Affiliate Marketing

Helen Southgate – Affiliate Marketing – what’s it all about



Tim Stewart – Convert with Intelligent Analytics


Email Marketing

Philip Storey – How to revolutionise your customer lifecycle with email marketing


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