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Digital Marketing Practices That Will Give You Nightmares


Sometimes, when done badly, digital marketing can be downright scary. A game of rapid and ever-shifting rules and techniques, digital marketing requires ruthless agility. And unless you have your finger on the pulse, and the technical capability to match, it’s easy to fall into your own grave.


Once there, things can get pretty grim – nobody wants a brand that exists in an echo chamber, especially when there’s a world of optimisation and increased traffic waiting to be tapped into.


But fear not. Because the thing about digital marketing is that when done well, it can harness your brand’s potential in myriad ways. Breathe life back into it, if you will.


Here are our top picks of digital marketing nightmares and how to stop them from keeping you up all night.


Scarily Stale Content

Your website’s content is key to building your business. Good content means achieving a high ranking in search engines - essential when it comes to increasing your customer base. If potential customers search for a business like yours, and you haven’t optimised your content, they will end up clicking on another business like yours. But not yours.


What does non-optimised content look like? Well, a handful of things: thin, for starters. Thin content is, essentially, just what it sounds like: short and scant in detail, without any real substance to it. Mix thin content with only a handful of content pages, and you’ve got a website that Google’s algorithm will likely glance right over when it comes to ranking.


Beyond this, if your content is lengthy, but not all that informative, and lacking the relevant keywords (LSI* and beyond), Google’s not going to be interested. And then the majority of your potential customer base won’t even get a chance to be. 


By tweaking and optimising your content, you can ensure potential customers don’t only want to visit your site – they’re intrigued enough to want to stay.


*What are LSI keywords? Leave that to us.


(zom)Be sure to be Mobile Responsive

So you’ve just spent all week creating a killer website for a client. You’ve picked the perfect colour schemes, designed a seamless interface for the user and written content Stephen King would be proud of. The time has come to push the site live, and proud of your achievements, you await eagerly to see it on the first page of Google.


Just like Frankenstein though, your creation has gone up in flames due to a small oversight which pays heavy fines. You guessed it (I mean I hope you did, it’s in the title...) the website wasn’t optimised for mobile.   


Google’s mobilegeddon update a few years back resulted in searches favouring a more mobile responsive site when being searched for on a mobile device. And with more than 50% of internet traffic now being from your new iPhone 14XXXXL Max Plus and other mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to be mobile optimised.


If your competitors have a mobile responsive site and you don’t, then you could potentially be losing out on valuable business.