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Facebook rolls out Instant Articles


As the dust settles on their recent algorithm update, Facebook has just rolled out a new ‘Instant Articles’ feature which enables publishers to have their content hosted directly within the mobile app.


Over the last few weeks, Facebook have been in talks with some of the world’s most popular media companies, including Buzzfeed and National Geographic, to get them to publish their content within Instant Articles.


By hosting an article within the app, Instant Articles keeps users engaged with Facebook as they don’t have to leave the social network to read an article. Often, users are faced with the frustration of waiting for slow mobile web articles to load, causing them to leave the app.

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 The social network is also reportedly offering publishers the chance to keep all revenue from their content in exchange for handing over their content to Facebook.


With some media organisations concerned about crediting traffic to Facebook instead of their own websites, Instant Articles will be working with the comScore tool to make sure traffic is accurately attributed to their articles. Tracking tools like Google Analytics will work as normal, allowing publishers to stay in the loop on who is engaging with their content.


Publishers will have full control over the look and feel of their content, with Facebook using HTML and RSS to display articles with the same fonts and layouts as a publisher’s website.


The roll out of Instant Articles comes at an exciting time in the land of SEO and content marketing, with more than half a billion people using mobile to access Facebook content on the go. The Instant Articles feature is already available on Facebook for iOS and is soon to be available on Android. It’s so far been deployed by the likes of NBC News and the New York Times and is soon to be rolled out by the Guardian and BBC News. Will your brand get on board next?


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