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Google Knowledge Graph Becomes Editable


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A long-awaited update to Google’s Knowledge Graph Cards means the data can finally be edited by brands. ‘Official representatives’ have the power to make changes as they (and Google) see fit.


Knowledge Graph cards are created by algorithms and show up for a wide range of topics, including companies, products, celebrities, films and TV shows. We’ve seen many cases of wrong or inaccurate information showing in the knowledge graph, so this is a nice way to get errors fixed.


The update is a major stepping stone for brands looking to have editorial control over the information that appears about them in the search engine, with Google opening up knowledge graph data to users for the first time. Updates to contact information and generic brand information can be updated especially quickly.

How to Edit Your Knowledge Graph

First things first, you need to be signed in to your Google account and an official representative of your brand. To become an official representative, ensure your Google account is synced to your brand’s official website, this website is attached to your search console account and you have Web & App Activity turned on.


Once you’re confirmed as an editor, just click on ‘Is this info up to date?’ next to the Knowledge Graph information and click ‘Suggest a Change’. Once you’ve made your edits, Google will review the information for accuracy. For more information, see the official Google Help page. Note: this functionality isn’t always available on phones or tablets.

How Long Will Changes Take to Appear?

Users have reported changes happening in 24 hours but the process is neither immediate nor unregulated.

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