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Google's Interactive Ads for Mobile Apps


People download apps on daily basis, but the ugly truth for app makers and marketers alike is that 1 in 4 installed apps is never used. In an attempt to save the day, Google has introduced interactive ads that allow users to test drive apps for up to 60 seconds before downloading. There are two new ad types: Trial Run Ads and Interactive Interstitial Ads.

Trial Run Ads

Mainly for game-based apps, Trial Run Ads give users sixty seconds to play a game by streaming content from the app. Google is hoping that the ads will encourage downloads from users who are more likely to open the app again, rather than leave it on their phone to collect (electronic) dust.

Trial Run GIF

Interactive Interstitial Ads

Google recently launched a second beta ad for apps in HTML5. Advertisers are given the creative freedom to customise and tailor the user experience for each app ad. Interactive Interstitial ads are essentially a blank canvas that you can customise in line with your branding strategy.

Asian fashion brand Zalora was one of the first adopters of Google’s Interactive Interstitial ads and built an ad that encouraged you to swipe to discover an offer before downloading.

Zalora swipe interactive ads GIF

The company created a second set of interactive interstitials that allowed prospects to explore different products before installing the app. Fancy.

Zalora Google interactive ads GIF

All GIFs courtesy of Google.

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