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Ad of the Week: Air New Zealand Has Outdone Themselves With Their 2018 Christmas Advert



The Christmas fever is higher than ever this week and we may have just found our new favourite of favourite 2018 Christmas Ad. This week’s heart-warmer? Air New Zealand’s ‘The Nicest Christmas Ever’.

The ad sees a muddled and stressed Santa attempting to send his Naughty List to his elves and accidentally forwarding it to a young, detention-trapped Elvis Anderson instead. Upon receiving the list and finding himself and his friends on it, Elvis takes it upon himself to create an International Summit of all the Naughty Kids.

Quickly overwhelmed by the monumental task of getting all the Naughty Kids from across the world to the summit, Elvis enlists the help of Air New Zealand. Et voila – the summit commences! The goal? Well, that of any summit, of course: change! Only this time, change means doing your chores, eating your veggies, and less pigtail-pulling.

It’s a delightful, hilarious, wholesome ad that manages to be utterly adorable and smart without the saccharine overdose many Christmas ads are drenched in. And it still packs a not-so-subtle cheeky dig at Trump, too, by featuring a mini version of the US president himself. Donning a ‘Make Christmas Great Again’, the boy pushes his way to the front of the line of Naughty Kids – a hat tip to Trump’s awkward behaviour at the NATO Summit last year.

The Ad is a seamless example of stellar storytelling, casting and brand marketing. Air New Zealand’s definitely on our Good Marketing List this year.