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How to Simplify Digital Payments to Drive Website Engagement



Could you be driving more payments through your website? It’s time to make payment walls simpler and customer experience slicker. Here’s how we’re utilising our new partner, Bottomline Technologies, to increase website interaction for our clients.

Simplifying the sign-up process

With more integrations pushing data straight into society CRM systems, validation and security of members’ personal details is more important than ever. Bottomline V-Series streamlines this process in the following ways:


Member details are validated in real-time and address look-up functionality allows for speedy registration with more accurate data.


Payment details are validated before any attempt is made to collect funds.

Self-service membership portals

Collecting regular payments always carries an overhead, even with Direct Debit. Finance departments are often overwhelmed in busy months, leading to expenditure on temporary staff or delays in processing requests. You can avoid this with a self-service portal, and Bottomline PT-X™ is one such example. When combined with validation, this reduces the amount of renewals to process.

Pre-payments for that big day (or night)

Membership organisations focus on annual fees to drive income, but why not give your members the opportunity to save little and often via a small monthly fee? A cash card for members to spend on-site is a good way to help members spread costs, increase monthly site interactions and stand out from organisations with annual fees.

Calling out engagement

Offering website payments gives users another reason to interact with your online property. Display calls-to-action throughout your site while users are interacting to foster deeper engagement. Asking users to browse the latest news or register for events is one way to do this.

Tailored payment strategies

Beyond membership clubs we’ve looked at payment activations for restaurant dining clubs and charities that could benefit from regular donations via Direct Debit. If you have a requirement or just have a vague idea of how you would like to increase revenue from your site, Positive can help you.


We can analyse your business plans right through to on-going testing and optimisation of any development. Drop us a line and we will pick up the phone to chat through your thoughts.