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How Your Business Can Seduce Last-Minute Valentine’s Shoppers


We love a bit of Positive thinking and Google’s Alison Lomax has some great pointers about how brands can win the hearts of last-minute Valentine’s shoppers. Here’s what we took from her chat with The Drum.

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Mobile is the Mr Darcy of Valentine’s marketing

Many shoppers are undecided about what to buy their partners for the big day and will procrastinate until the final hour. This is great news for mobile marketers, where being a part of the customer journey serves up the opportunity to influence orders during this peak demand.

Customers are searching for the one

In the UK, there’s been a year-on-year increase of 41 per cent in “last minute valentine’s gift” searches overall, and 74 per cent year-on-year growth on smartphone. Customers are searching for gifts on mobile and buying on the go.

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Capitalising on Valentine’s doesn’t need a lot of work

Lomax’s top tips for marketers to maximise their reach and engagement are:

  • Save up budget for last minute campaigns and target mobile using keywords such as “discounts” and “last minute”.

  • Categorise your products with “for him” and “for her”. Lomax cites men as more likely to organise romantic meals and women as more likely to buy their partner clothes.

  • Include strong calls to action in your ads and consider implementing direct call extensions. If your product is on discount for a limited time, say so.

  • Create relevant content that’s easy to find and consume. Think cooking tutorials and DIY tutorials for homemade gifts, bearing in mind that Valentine’s Day-related searches on YouTube grew 33% year on year in 2014.

We can help you with your marketing efforts for Valentine’s and beyond, whether you’re interested in mobile, search, display or more. Get in touch and we’ll do our best to sweep you off your feet.