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Is Branding Becoming Bland? Pt.2


Sometimes, in a marketing and advertising world where -- as our article discussed this week -- minimalism, subtlety and cool, one- or two-tone colour schemes are all the rage, a rainbow of human colour is sometimes all you need.


And tech giant Apple's newest ad for its iPhone XR's retina display delivers just that. Featuring an ever-growing crowd of people running and jumping across a city together -- think flash mob meets colour run meets parkour.


The best part? The ad's conspicuous -- and quite frankly lovely -- tip of the hat to Sony's classic ads, particularly the one which saw Sony drop 250 000 multi-coloured bouncy balls down San Francisco's streets to celebrate their Bravia televisions.


What Apple has done is smart -- when you blend the latest technology with nostalgia and simple fun, you have a brand that comes across as a whole lot more human. 


Stats Corner:

  • A signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80%


  • One-third (33%) of the top 100 brands use the colour blue in their logo


  • Although consumers form a first impression of a brand’s logo within 10 seconds, it takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to remember the logo