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Positive win Kentico Site of the Year for Integration



Positive win Kentico Site of the Year for Integration

Our client was taking a game changing telecoms service to market. The catch? Their small team needed to seamlessly integrate several technology platforms so website visitors could experience the service, choose a contract, sign up and thereafter manage it themselves.


The service would positively change the lives of anyone with a hearing impairment by using technology which allows you to hear a mobile call clearly when you couldn’t before. This medically approved technology modifies mobile phone voice patterns to counteract the deficiencies in your hearing profile. Now, we needed to ensure visitors would buy in with a seamless process, despite a complex group of platforms and partners.


The system had been tested and proven in a roll-out by Manx Telecom to all their customers. To benefit you simply take an online sound test using your mobile phone, adjust the parameters to your own requirement, save your hearing profile and then order a new SIM card. All calls are then routed through the system and the sound adjusted to your personal hearing profile. The potential UK market is huge, and millions of people could benefit.


Positive beat a well-known system integrator to build a new website, develop the customer experience using APIs provisioned by the Digitalk MVNO Platform and provide marketing automation features. With Kentico EMS (now re-branded as Kentico Xperience) at the heart of the solution we were perfectly equipped. And so, it began.


During 2019 our respective teams collaborated, designed and developed the many integrations so that, in real time, a user could try the audio enhancement for their own hearing profile and we could take a purchaser’s initial payment, set up a standing order, initiate the SIM ordering from BT/EE and the SIM fulfillment from Brightstar. We built a customer portal fully integrated with the billing and usage system then developed scheduled processes to keep the website functionality operational should there be API outages. In short: a simple user experience despite a complex set of integrations.


We deployed the marketing automation and personalisation features available with Kentico EMS and integrated with Sendgrid as the email service provider. The plan? Create a highly targeted system where the most engaged visitors would be retargeted. We segmented the audiences and used their engagement status and activity to trigger relevant emails to drive repeat visits and conversions.


By using Kentico EMS, our client’s small marketing team could launch with one Kentico system encompassing CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation and Email marketing to deliver a personalised, timely and relevant user experience.


Our deeply experienced in-house software engineering team is fully integrated with our marketing strategy and delivery teams. Projects like this are our sweet spot. If you would like us to show you how we can help you to better engage with your market, deliver effective technology and help you automate your marketing activities then please do make contact. We’d love to hear from you.


Positive win Kentico Site of the Year for Integration for their Telecoms client Audacious