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Social Media Week 2016: How to Use Snapchat for Business


To Snapchat or not to Snapchat? That’s the question for businesses on social media today. You know the struggles of getting budget for content and now you’re asking for budget for content that disappears after 10 seconds? Ouch. But investing in Snapchat can pay off and getting started is simpler than you think. Here’s why.

Snapchat is a pretty big deal, if you haven’t heard…

…So much so that it’s set to take over the (social media) world by 2021.

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It works in the same way for brands as it does for individuals

Here’s the thing, Snapchat doesn’t yet have an ad platform so it’s up to you to contact them about ad opportunities. Brands that have seen success with paid Snapchat promotions include Pepsi (one of the first brands to pair with Snapchat), Adidas, General Electric and Domino’s. Read on for ad opportunities you can take advantage of.

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Snap Ads

Snap Ads are 10 second videos that appear across the Snapchat interface. Brands can include a ‘swipe up’ option to reveal extended content such as a brand website, article, longer video or app install call-to-action. According to Snapchat the swipe up rate for Snap Ads is five times higher than the average click-through rate on other social platforms.


Snap Ads can be targeted by location, age, gender, mobile network, device and type of content users engage with.

Sponsored Lenses

You can pay for a Sponsored Lens to appear in the library of Snapchat lenses. Sponsored lenses appear first in the list for 24 hours and Snapchat says users experiment with a lens for 20 seconds on average.


Developing a lens takes time and Snapchat will stick to their lead times. The best thing you can do is speak to the team at Snapchat early and keep a dialogue going. Secondly, review storyboards with a fine-toothed comb as you will be held to what’s approved.


Creative tips

* Watch logos and important visual features don’t sit where the record button will sit

* Don’t put detailed creative in the top 10% or bottom 20% of the screen



Sponsored Geofilters

These are filters that appear to users in certain locations and are commonly used at events like festivals. Create a geofilter here.

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Measuring ROI on Snapchat

Measuring ROI for Snapchat is tricky because you can’t send people directly from Snapchat to your website. But you can include a URL with a memorable tracking code that users can screenshot and you can gain insights from engagement metrics.


Keep track of views and screenshots of your stories. Set alarms to go off before your stories expire to get the most up-to-date numbers, then record these metrics. The best thing to do is understand Snapchat metrics early on, and here’s what they mean.


Plays: The number of times your snap was viewed
Uses: The number of times your geofilter was used
Views: The number of times Snapchatters have watched a snap that uses your geofilter in a Story, or as a Snap sent to them.
Total Time: The total airtime your brand has received on the platform as a result of the above metrics.


To find Open Rate: Document the number of snaps sent, received, and opened. If you send a snap to 50 accounts and receive 12 opens, you’ll have a 24% open rate for that content (12 opens divided by 50 snaps sent).

To find Completion Rate: Divide total views in the last snap of a story from the total views in first snap of a story.

To find Screenshot Rate: Divide total screenshots from total views in any given snap.

Promoting and repurposing content

You can save and repurpose the Snapchat content you’ve invested in by downloading your stories as individual snaps. Do this by tapping the three dots next to ‘My Story’ at the top of the Stories panel. Stories and snaps can only be downloaded to your phone, so be sure back up the files.


Post about new Snapchat stories on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as they happen. Include an image or video clip from your story and your username, snapcode or link to your Snapchat webpage (find your Snapchat webpage using the following formula: www.snapchat.com/add/USERNAME).


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