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Spooky Stuff We Found On The Web This Week


Stats Corner: How Halloween is becoming more Trick than Treat for brands

  • Halloween spending in the UK has increased by 35% since 2013, with retail sales growing from £230 million to over £310 million in the past few years


  • Halloween is largely an impulse-buying market, with almost a third (29%) of Brits making on-the-whim purchases for the occasion


  • Close to half of the population (45%) spend money on Halloween-themed products


  • Older Millennials, between 27- and 36-years-old, are most likely to spend big, with 30% of them saying they are likely to make in-the-moment purchases for Halloween


Sources: Marketing Week: Trick or treat: How Halloween is becoming more important for UK brands


Ad of the Week: One from the Vaults

Sometimes weird is good. It’s a dangerous line to tread in the world of advertising, but when done right, weird can reap fruitful rewards. The shock factor and bizarreness of an ad can work in its favour, making it memorable and a potential overnight viral sensation. This added exposure and word of mouth marketing strategy - ‘Have you seen the creepy grandma advert yet?’ - can instantly boost a product's familiarity and brand image.


Case in point, Snickers’ 2010 Halloween effort. The opening scene begins with an innocent shopper going about her business before being interrupted by a Mrs. Doubtfire-esque figure who sounds remarkably like a possessed Mickey Mouse.


She.. It.. The thing then proceeds to fill the passer-by’s trolley with Snickers bars in preparation for trick-or-treaters, stating that the neighbourhood kids love them. The twist at the end shows that these same kids are behind the disturbing costume and will undoubtedly knock on Mrs. Jenson’s door to claim their prize. And diabetes.