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St. Patrick’s Day in Google Searches


Paddy’s Day is done and dusted for another year with the Irish topping off a memorable weekend by completing the 6 nations grand slam. For the rest of us still nursing hangovers from the weekend, Google has some very interesting insights into the UK’s searching habits.


Throughout February and the beginning of March, there were negligible search results relating to St. Patrick’s Day with most people’s attention presumably focused on pleasing friends and family for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. After the latter however, the search results slowly creeped up for the Irish holiday with the first notable spike appearing the day before. This continued to rise where it peaked on the morning of St. Patrick's Day at 9:00am, more than likely asking when it would be socially acceptable to open your first can of Guinness.  

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So we’ve established that everyone leaves their planning to the last day, but where are people making these searches from? Unsurprisingly, Northern Ireland lead the way in the UK amassing 5x as many searches as in England in proportion to their populations.


Delving deeper, we can see that the top 30 cities are all located on the Green Isle. Liverpool produced the most search queries in England expectably due to the high rate of Irish migration there. Looking globally, the UK ranks behind Australia, New Zealand and Canada with Ireland coming out on top more than Dublin the Americans… I’ll walk myself out. 


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Some of the topics people were also searching for included ‘parades’ the ‘Irish Language’ and ‘St Patrick’s Day Pictures’.


‘Guinness’ was also a hugely popular search term during the week leading up to Paddy’s Day achieving the most results in this time period than at any other time during the year. The most searches came on the 15th March and compared to Ireland’s less likeable export Bono, the beverage had way more interest over time than him. With so little searches for the U2 front-man, it’s almost certain that users ‘Still Haven’t Found What They’re Are Looking For’.


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What else were Brits searching for in the run-up to the big day?


'When is St. Patrick’s Day' came top, so considering it falls on the same date every year, we have to assume that these searchers are simply too lazy to look at a calendar to find out the exact day of the week. Luckily, lazy folks don't need to trawl through almost a billion search results, as Google has provided its own handy answer.


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