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The 5 minute guide to LinkedIn’s new targeted advertising


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With data from 350 million user profiles, LinkedIn’s newly announced B2B ad network looks set to be the biggest and best candy store for marketers. The LinkedIn Lead Accelerator targets ads, content and personalisation based on user profiles, social logins on other websites and through cookies to create hyper-local advertising opportunities.

The move comes as social media companies realise just how valuable their data is to marketers. LinkedIn is offering the most precise targeting of any social media network, where marketers can target as few as 1000 people and pick and choose exactly the types of professionals they want to target. Here’s how it works.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator allows marketers to reach ideal customers with highly precise targeting tools across a range of inventory types. Key options include: text and image ads, video ads, text only ads and sponsored content.




Best practice suggests that video and sponsored content placements perform best in terms of generating clicks to external websites. LinkedIn also provides dedicated landing page environments so marketers can tailor in-channel response using predicated information to customise content presentation.

Key targeting predicates include: job title and function; industry and company size; seniority



In addition, a series of wider criteria can be used, including: school; field of study/degree; skills; group membership; gender/age.


Over and above this, exclusion based rules can also be created based on any of the listed predicates, and new "lookalike" style wider profile targeting has been recently launched, allowing advertisers to create audience portrait-based solutions.

“Our goal is to be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals,” says Josh Graff, senior director, LinkedIn EMEA.

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