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The F8 Roundup


In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, this year’s F8 – the annual 2-day conference, where developers and businesses explore what’s next in technology for Facebook – was firmly under the magnifying glass. Much to everyone’s relief, Zuckerberg addressed the elephant in the room early on by declaring:


“I know that it hasn’t been easy being a developer these last couple of months, and that’s probably an understatement”.


This went down well with the 5,000 strong crowd in San Jose, California, and set the tone for a hugely successful event with many exciting and innovative products and services coming out in the near future. And if you needed an introduction to the type of cool tech on offer, the ID badges at F8 also doubled up as an AR experience!

F8 Blog

Facebook Clears History  

With the aforementioned scandals still at the forefront of everyone’s minds and the faith in Facebook at an all-time low, it was smart to announce a feature that gives you the option to completely clear your Facebook history. This initiative of improving privacy and regaining the public’s trust seemed to win over a lot of people who believe something like this is long overdue anyway.


It is essentially the same as erasing your browser history, cookies and cache from a website. By deleting the data that Facebook has collected from sites you’ve visited, apps you’ve downloaded and pages you’ve liked, Zuckerberg warned that it is likely to result in an inferior social experience.


This sounds like great news for 99% of the population. The other 1%, feeling like they’ve been sucker punched, are marketers. This is a significant change and although there is no proof yet, it is thought that this could seriously hinder the opportunities of targeted marketing going forward. Coupled with the impending GDPR, the elimination of third-party data sources means that a large number of ad targeting attributes such as in-market behaviours and household income will no longer be available. Delivering successful campaigns will still be achievable and marketers should take inspiration from Canada who have never had access to 3rd party data in Facebook.


Facebook Dating App

It’s not all doom and gloom though! Facebook plans to take on the likes of Tinder with the launch of a new dating app with the ethos of ‘bringing more people together’.


Who remembers when poking was a thing?


With Zuckerberg acting as the world’s wing-man, users of the new app will be able to set up a dating profile which won't be visible to your friends and will not appear in news feeds saving you your blushes.


Interestingly, it looks as if Match.com is going through a nasty divorce with their shareholders as many seem to be agitated after the announcement.

F8 Blog 2

3D Photos in Facebook Newsfeed

With so many different types of content available to post on social media ranging from EBooks and video to blog posts like this one, images have always piqued the interest of users and consistently produced high engagements for marketers. Facebook revealed at this year’s F8 that they plan to capitalize on this with the introduction of 3D photos for the news feed. Facebook already supports 360-degree photos and video in the news feed so this feels like a natural progression.


Sceptics were unsure how conveying 2D images onto a 3D space would work effectively, but the demo at F8 soon put this concern to bed. Specific details are firmly under wraps but it will certainly be exciting to see how companies take advantage of this new format to appeal to consumers.