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The Royal Wedding in Google Searches


Whether you love them or hate them, the Royal Family are as synonymous with Great Britain as The NHS, Yorkshire Tea and Mary Berry. Their influence is still felt globally today with their every action making front pages around the world. The hype around a royal wedding however, takes this interest to a new level. Prince Harry is due to marry his fiancé Meghan Markle this weekend at St. George’s Chapel and Google has provided us with some fascinating insights into what the public having been searching for leading up to their big day.


The Royal Wedding’s search interest has been fairly steady over the last 6 but curiosity surrounding the event exploded worldwide in May with a huge increase of searches as it reached its peak on the 15th. There are also a few notable spikes on the 27th November when The Prince of Wales announced the engagement of his son to the Suit’s actress, and again on the 15th December when the date was announced for the wedding. 

Wedding 1

It’s also no real surprise that the regions who were most interested in The Royal Wedding, calculated by finding out the proportion of related queries compared to the amount of overall searches, were primarily Commonwealth countries. The UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Ghana and Sri Lanka all featured in the top 10.

Wedding 2

In the US specifically, the public have been especially inquisitive this week. Donald Trump usually dominates the news across the Atlantic gaining over 11 million average monthly searches and as the graph below illustrates, he was also the talk of the town at the beginning of the week. As the days passed, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle passed Trump for the first time on 14th May at 2am.


Although Prince Harry’s popularity dwindled thereafter, Meghan’s continued to rise reaching her peak on the 17th May at midday. There has been plenty of controversy in the States concerning Meghan and her parents who currently live in Mexico and California, meaning there is an abundance of media coverage at this time which is sure contribute to searches regarding all involved. I’m sure Donald will reclaim his top spot again once he inevitably fires his whole cabinet or criticises another minority group.

Wedding 3

Meghan Markle is certainly the name on everyone’s lips at present so here is a run-down on the five most searched questions involving the future princess from the last week. In addition to these personal questions, Meghan has generated search interest for her acting projects with ‘Suits’, ‘Castle’ and ‘Remember Me’ featuring in the medal positions. 

Wedding 4

So from the data already provided, we can definitely conclude that the Royal Wedding is a huge deal… but is it as huge as when Prince William got hitched? No. Global search interest relating to the Royal Family shows a clear winner in April 2011, when Wills and Kate tied the knot at Westminster Abbey and instantly became a firm favourite with the public, in part to the extra day off work. Other prominent dates include July 2013 when Prince George was born and yet ANOTHER wedding between Prince Charles and Camilla this time in April 2005.

Wedding 5