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Ad of the Week: Three Cheers for Cheerios' New Animated Short


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If there’s anything we like more than cereal, it’s wholesomely-advertised cereal. And Cheerios’ new “It’s All Family” animated short film (part of a series of shorts created by the brand) is just that: wholesome with just enough feel-good sweetness for everyone (like Cheerios*).


Celebrating a range of diverse families – think two dads, single parents, and an informally adopted otter – and delivered with a fun sincerity, the ads stand out amongst the handful of brands stumbling over themselves to capitalise on the wave of liberal messaging that’s particularly vogue right now.


What’s particularly great about this series is that it’s a joyful combination of the old and new, because it draws on a warm nostalgia reminiscent of the ‘70’s Schoolhouse Rock while celebrating the modern-day, 21st century family that sways away from the traditional nuclear family.


The best part? The shorts form part of a broader project called Right on Tracks – a collection of songs created to inspire conversations between kids and parents around compassion, inclusion and kindness. Which means there are three more songs as adorable as It’s All Family.


And honestly? We’re sold.


*We just really love Cheerios, okay?