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Top 6 Christmas Adverts of 2017


It causes arguments amongst work colleagues, splits many a household down the middle and there are rumours that there have even been divorces because of them. That’s right we’re talking about Christmas adverts. Everyone has an opinion on what they think the best are each year but are they right? We have trawled the internet and are here to settle that dispute with our definitive (completely subjective) list of the 6 greatest Christmas adverts that popped up on your telly over the festive period.


The Christmas advert has become a revelation over the last 5 years, pioneered primarily by John Lewis. Most people, especially the younger generations, now even view this commercial as the official kick-off for Christmas. Due to the huge success and buzz this brought the company through word of mouth and by the public sharing it all over social media, it wasn’t long until other businesses copied the concept.


Coca-Cola are largely considered the originators of this trend with their famous red Santa trucks that now go on tour around the world for fans to take pictures with being a recurring staple of their advertising. This is a great marketing method to incorporate user generated content into their advertising. Additionally, you can boost the success of your UGC by incorporating paid content amplification across online channels which would subsequently improve the contents reach vastly.


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So why have these Christmas adverts been so effective?


It’s all to do with the rise of social media. With more than 1 billion people on Facebook and another 330 million actively using Twitter, it’s easier than ever to exchange opinions about the fierce competition between each company, desperate to become the nation’s favourite advert. This is proven by the fact that within the first few hours of ‘Moz the Monster’ being aired for the first time, there were over 50,000 tweets using the adverts hashtag.


We judged each advert on 3 components: Memorability (M), Soundtrack (S) and whether it gave us that warm fuzzy Christmassy spirit (X). The scores have been counted and verified so, without further ado, let’s get stuck in.



6. Vodafone

M: 6   S: 7   X: 6   TOTAL: 19/30

Unfortunately the Vodafone advert suffers from its lack of memorability due to it being split up into 5 parts. Although any chance to see more of Martin Freeman acting should be a treat, the flow of the adverts is hurt by the constant breaks. In the age of on demand and being able to binge watch a whole Netflix series in one night, having to wait for the next 30 seconds of the story just didn’t work for us. Turn this into a 90 minute flick on the big screen however and we’d be first in line at the cinemas.



5. Aldi

M: 8   S: 4   X: 8   TOTAL: 20/30


 Kevin the carrot's latest excursion has it all. Murder, romance and puns. After saving his new fling from a stray pea, they have become the new modern-day power couple, passing Beyoncé and Jay Z & Jim and Pam. This Aldi advert has reused a popular character here to good effect, but the boring soundtrack stops them from gaining big points. Don’t be surprised to see a few baby Kevin’s running around in 2018 though.



 4. Tesco

M: 6   S: 8   X: 7   TOTAL: 21/30

 Tesco have a poor track record with Christmas adverts and are usually the laughing stock of the other major grocery stores. Their campaign this year is a total 180 turn, going back to the basics and producing a surprisingly uplifting and relatable ad, worthy of the praise it received. Topped off with the Lucy Rose cover of Shakin’ Steven’s classic, one of the best soundtracks this year, the ad gets the supermarket crown but falls short of the podium positions. HAVE YOU BEEF BASTED IT CAROLINE!? 



3. TalkTalk

M: 8   S: 5   X: 9   TOTAL: 22/30

Watching the whole family in their PJ's and the dad struggling to wrap his Christmas presents, I’d have been forgiven for thinking that the fly-on-the-wall style cameras were in my own home. That’s the charm of this honest depiction of a normal Christmas day and why it is deserving of the bronze medal on this countdown. Can someone tell me where I can buy one of those singing turkey hats please? Asking for a friend…



2. TK Maxx    

M: 8   S: 6   X: 10   TOTAL: 24/10


 The TK Maxx advert starts off with a boring and unimaginative scene, not worthy enough of even gazing up from your candy crush game but hang on, don’t change the channel just yet. The excitement goes from 0 to 100000 as they reveal that they will be delivering actual real life authentic white snow to your front door. This is the best thing to happen on Christmas since Betty Crocker invented pigs in blankets in 1957. Round of applause for TK Maxx.



1. Amazon

M: 8   S: 8   X: 9   TOTAL 25/30

That’s right, Moz and Paddington Bear have been snubbed from the list and the top spot by some singing boxes. The hype building up for the John Lewis and M&S ads respectively just didn’t deliver, with the controversy over whether the burglar says f*** you to Paddington being the most interesting aspect. With an ugly monster and an obvious sell out to everyone’s favourite marmalade fiend, they really didn’t stand a chance against the company slowly taking over the world. The Amazon advert is sweet and will leave you with a smile as big as the ones on their packages. Roger Hodgson’s ear-worm of a song will be in your head all day and who can be annoyed when it’s such a banger. Kudos to Amazon for creating such a feel good ad that represents their brand well whilst also boosting sales.