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Valentine's Day 2016 in Google Searches


Valentine's Day is over for another year and whether you showered your loved one with gifts or ignored it completely, Google has some interesting insights into the UK's Valentine's habits.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, most Brits left their planning until the very last minute, with the most Valentine's related searches occurring in the small hours of the morning of the 14th. 

valentines searches timelineHmm, we suspect there were probably quite a lot of petrol station flowers being given this year.


Sorry guys, it seems that the gents were responsible for most of those last-minute searches*.


(*Assuming heterosexual couples are the most prevalent, of course.)

valentines searches boy vs girl

The search term 'gifts for girlfriend' saw small rises each day throughout the month, until the 12th when they dropped off, followed by another peak on the day itself and the 15th. Uh oh, we hope you didn't forget...


'Gift for boyfriend', on the other hand, peaked much earlier on the 9th February and then tailed off the towards Valentine's Day. This could suggest that women are more organised, or just that men are harder to buy for. Of course, we would never jump to such wild, stereotypical conclusions from one graph, but it's interesting nonetheless :)


So, what else were Brits searching for in the run-up to the big day?

valentines searches 2016'What to get a boyfriend/man for Valentine's Day' featured twice in the top 5, again reaffirming our assumption that men are hard to buy presents for. We expect Not on the High Street did pretty well out of this trend, as they were the highest ranking UK retailer for a large number of these type of searches.


'When is Valentine's Day' came top, so considering it falls on the same date every year, we have to assume that these searchers are simply too lazy too look at a calendar to find out the exact day of the week.


Luckily, lazy folks don't need to trawl through almost a billion search results, as Google has provided its own handy answer.

when is valentines day

'What to do on Valentine's Day' is a worthy search, and hopefully these searchers found some interesting ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with their loved ones. Google's first suggestion is from AskMen.com and provides a nice list of 10 Things to Do on Valentines Day.


What to write in a Valentine's Day card' is an interesting one, with Google showing a Knowledge Graph result from Her Campus which looks like an American, female-only, college version of BuzzFeed. Come on Google - Why is Hallmark is only 4th?! :)

 what to write valentines card

'How to' searches are another good way to gain some insight into the romantic lives of the UK. Google reported that the top 'how to' Valentine's Day search was 'How to make a Valentine's Day card', so maybe we are more romantic than previously thought? Aww.

valentines searches 2016 2

The others are pretty romantic too, showing that most people wanted to put some effort into making the day extra special or by baking something sweet. 


Spelling, though, is not our strong point it seems. Oh well. It's the thought that counts!


<3 Happy Belated Valentine's Day from all of us at Positive Towers <3