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What does the new Facebook update mean for you?


If we learnt one thing last week it was that Google’s mobile-friendly update means business. Now Facebook has jumped on the update bandwagon with a new algorithm that prioritises content from friends over brands. But what does this mean for marketers?

The free reach Facebook offers has slowly declined over the past few year and this latest change seems to indicate that Facebook is pushing heavily for paid social reach. Once again Facebook is mimicking Google, this time by making brands pay more to reach users and at the same time improving the user experience by producing content that people will actually want to see.


The new Facebook algorithm also affects the way content is distributed. Facebook has now relaxed its rules surrounding seeing multiple posts from the same account in one go, so a user that likes seeing certain content is more likely to keep seeing it.

Facebook has also reportedly met with several media companies to discuss hosting content within the network, instead of encouraging users to click external links.

With social referrals having overtaken search referrals in 2014, there really has never been a better time for marketers to make sure content is well optimised for their audiences.

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