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Why PPC & SEO Need to Work Together


Are you treating PPC and SEO separately? Like Bonnie & Clyde, Starsky & Hutch and even Kim and Kanye, PPC and SEO are better together. Leave incomplete marketing strategies at the wayside and open the door to a mixed search strategy. Here's how to execute a blended approach.


Get Truly Visible

Don't lurk on page 2, 3 or even below the fold. The most important part of a search engine results page (SERP) is the space above the fold where the first three results are PPC ads, characterised by a cunningly discreet 'ad' icon next to the top results.


If you can dominate this space, you can look forward to an increase in traffic and conversion rate and also give the impression that you're an established presence in that particular market by double-teaming PPC and SEO.


Share Keyword Data

Double data = double fun results! Potentially. Analyse which keywords could be of more benefit to PPC and which could be of more benefit to SEO for help in deciding on the best strategy. Think about competition; PPC is your right-hand man when it comes to steep competition for certain keywords in the searchsphere and for key brand terms; SEO is your leading lady for the rest. Ultimately your PPC and SEO efforts should work in tandem so your brand occupies as much of the search space as possible.


Test Strategic Organic Keywords with PPC

In a furiously dynamic industry time plays a fundamental part. It takes a long time to collect enough data to make a decision in terms of SEO. On the other hand, PPC provides immediate results so you can test and adapt the right strategy earlier. Combining PPC with SEO will help you achieve results quickly.

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Combining PPC and SEO activity strengthens brand awareness, establishes your presence in the market and improves your overall results. Still tempted to separate PPC and SEO?