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Wisdom Wednesday #1


Hi All! Welcome to your first ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ of many. The weekly insight into everything (hopefully) interesting in the digital marketing world ranging from SEO and PPC to content marketing and social. Have a quick scroll if you’ve got time on your lunch break; it’s the perfect accompaniment to any bagel or leftover pasta bake!


1. Stats Corner:

  • Brits to return £2.5 billion worth in unwanted presents with the biggest culprits being shoes, clothes and homeware
  • Domain-Level link authority is the new #1 SEO ranking factor
  • Predicted that mobile enabled loyalty cards will double to 4 billion active cards by 2022
  • 92% of consumers who visit an eCommerce site do not have any intent in purchasing


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2. News

Adweek scores Lego as the number one brand on Social Media and YouTube in the toy industry:

  • According to Brand Finance's Global 500 list for 2017, Lego is the world’s most powerful brand.
  • 1.2 million pieces of user generated content
  • 3.7 million subscribers on the brand's YouTube channel
  • 12 million likes on the Lego Facebook page


All these figures are sure to boost their (L)ego


Everyone’s favourite toy brand has branched out since its inception in 1949, with everything from video games and books to apps and even a blockbuster movie franchise produced to attract the next generation of brick builders. And now Lego are planning on taking the digital world by storm too, creating interactive user generated content that is both fun and creative.


The company launched a competition on Facebook years ago that asked people to find their old Lego bricks, build ‘George’ and make him travel the world, with chosen photos winning their creators a prize. This campaign is over 6 years old but still going strongly because of the huge engagement between Lego and its audience. Being relatively cheap too, it just shows how a company can be a hit on social media providing they don’t treat social media as just a marketing channel, but are able to thoroughly integrate social media and customer experience to offer superior customer experiences than their competitors.


Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 1


Along with this, Lego have had a platform open since 2011, that allows the public to submit new product ideas to the community with the most popular actually going into full production. This is a great example of how using the voice of the customer can build brand affinity.


Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 2






Google is testing images in search text ads

  • An image from the landing page appears to the right of the description area of the text ad
  • Google has gone through several iterations of testing images in search ads over the years
  • Currently, it is beta testing images in Sitelink extensions in a feature called Visual Sitelinks
  • If this were to become the mainstream it would work effectively with clients such as Lamb, displaying pictures of final meals alongside links to recipes, and Gudrun, showing images of clothes on sale.


Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 3






Google My Business dashboard showing video upload section for some business owners

  • Some business owners can now upload videos to their local listings in their Google My Business photos section
  • In the photos section, there is a new “videos” tab where you can upload these videos
  • The video tab would show in the Google Maps local listings to searchers looking up your business in web search or Google Maps
  • Could potentially be very useful for Angostura if they wanted to showcase cocktail tutorials





New test prominently showcases Google Express in mobile search results

  • A test includes a new call-out and ad treatment for the shopping program in mobile search results
  • Acting as a competitor to Amazon
  • Test very limited with it currently only being experimented on mobile only in the US
  • The promotion would feature a banner at the very top of the SERP stating “Get it With Google Express”
  • Aim of the test is to make the Google Express program much more prominent on the page showcasing the free shipping and other promotions


 Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 4Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 5





3. CES Highlights 

Finally for all the tech nerds out there, this is for you. The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event showing off the best new technology that start-ups, smaller companies and well-known brands such as Apple, Amazon and Samsung have to offer. There are always a huge range of products to be seen ranging from wacky and innovative to downright bizarre. Here is a selection of the best and worst. Start your Christmas lists now:



Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 6.png

  • Basically an underwater drone for anyone aspiring to make Blue Planet III
  • Also targeted at fisher’s looking to find Nemo and his mates
  • Operates at depths of 30m, for 4 hours at a time and suitable for both fresh-salt-or chlorinated-water 
  • $1,488 - $1,888



Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 7

  • Basically does everything a FitBit does but looks more subtle and stylish
  • Wearable Technology that is more elegant than watches and less douchey than Google Glass
  • Fitness tracker that’s good in bed… It can monitor your sleep
  • $199




Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 8

  • Basically a mirror that bullies you
  • The HiMirror lets you know how wrinkly you are and how awful your skin complexion is
  • Incorporates Amazon’s Alexa voice to offer advice on taking scare of skin, make-up tutorials and can recommend and link you to beauty products on their store
  • €249.99 




Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 9

  • Basically the best thing since sliced bread. Scratch that it’s better than sliced bread.
  • Almost the same as having your mum back folding your clothes minus the nagging
  • Electric consumption estimated to be low, Power: 110v-240v, unlimited capacity
  • $980




Wisdom Wednesday 1 pic 10

  • Basically an alcoholic’s dream. (Who even opens a bottle without finishing it anyway?)
  • No more wineing when you want to preserve a wine you’ve opened
  • Uses a ‘needle-through-the-cork’ system that enables you to siphon wine out of bottles without spoiling what’s left
  • $199