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Wisdom Wednesday #10


Wisdom Wednesday is celebrating it's 10th birthday! Join in the celebrations, have a slice of cake and read the latest entry below.


1. Stats Corner

  • The most likely time for unsubscribes of email marketing messages is between 10:15am and 12:30pm.
  • In contrast, 6pm produced the fewest unsubscribes from email marketing messages.
  • High Quality Products (47%), Rewards i.e. discounts, free gifts (43%), Love for the Brand (35%) rank as the highest motivations for promoting your favourite brand online.
  • Search Engines (37%), Ad seen on TV (34%), Word of Mouth (32%) are the ways in which millennials are most likely to find out about new brands.





2. News

The Purchase Journey

The most influential purchase driver is free delivery (58%), and an easy returns policy (36%) also performs well; another indicator of Millennials’ desire for convenience, flexibility, and instant access. The largest over-index is for a buy button on social media, but it is a far smaller proportion of Millennials (13%) who choose this than are actively researching through social (44%).


For now at least, Millennials are electing to navigate away from social media to dedicated ecommerce spaces at the point of purchase, rather than completing their transaction within the social interface. A lack of a seamless transition between pages and vendors is likely to be part of the reason for this. Millennials are electing to navigate away from social media to dedicated ecommerce sites at the point of purchase.

 Wisdom Wednesday 10 pic 1https://www.globalwebindex.net/reports/millennials


Voice Search Ranking Factors

Ranking factors for voice search used by the Google Home devices have been revealed in a new study. The study seemed to back up previous thoughts surrounding this topic, however there was a big surprise concerning the results around schema.


Here is a summary of the ranking factors:


  • Page Speed is a significant factor; voice search results typically come from faster-loading pages.
  • Google relies heavily on very authoritative domains for results, but pages not as much.
  • Content that ranks well on the desktop tends to rank in voice search. This might be a correlation rather than causal however.
  • Schema may not be a factor: 36 percent of pages voice search results came from pages using Schema.
  • Roughly 41 percent of voice search results came from Featured Snippets.
  • Voice search results are generally 29 words; however Google sources voice results from long-form content.
  • HTTPS is critical.

 Wisdom Wednesday 10 pic 2https://searchengineland.com/study-11-voice-search-ranking-factors-analyzed-unpacked-293221


Musicians with a Knowledge Panel are featured on Google Posts

Google has announced that they will now display various forms of media including images, videos, GIFs and text created and written personally by a musician or artist with a knowledge panel, directly in the search results. The musician’s name, title, photos, songs, albums, movies and more will always appear first in the Knowledge Panel before the Google Posts that the artist shared with their fans. It also has a link to their website and ways of listening to their music on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and others.

Wisdom Wednesday 10 pic 3 https://9to5google.com/2018/03/08/google-posts-search-musicians/


CookPad App

CookPad, Japan’s largest recipe-sharing network, now has global headquarters here in the UK. The most unique thing about CookPad is its emphasis on homemade, everyday food often featuring messy unsophisticated and most importantly achievable recipes.


Search - Users can find recipes by searching via meal type (i.e breakfast) or by specific ingredients. Recommended searches and the top 10 searches made in the last hour are also available.

Discover - There’s a ‘trending’ timeline, as well a ‘nearby’ option so that you can discover what people are cooking around you.

Ingredients - look for a recipe containing multiple ingredients. For example, if you only have salmon, garlic, and ginger in the fridge, you can search for a recipe incorporates all three.

Sign-up - As well as discovering other people’s recipes, CookPad makes it super-easy for users to share their own. The ‘write a recipe’ button is also front and centre, nicely prompting users to click-through to the share

Gamification - Each user gets their own ‘stats’ sections, which nicely collates information on how recipes are performing. Great for competition and keep users engaged.

 Wisdom Wednesday 10 pic 4https://econsultancy.com/blog/69866-how-ux-makes-cookpad-s-app-the-best-antidote-to-instagram-for-foodies/