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Wisdom Wednesday #12


 1. Stats Corner

  • 71% of people think ads are becoming more intrusive.
  • 44% of companies fear they could lose revenue after the introduction of GDPR.
  • 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story.
  • 49% of female shoppers on the platform say they have been directly influenced to make purchase decisions after seeing Twitter content.







 2. News

Google Maps Events Feature

Off the back of the successful Where’s Wally April Fool’s Day mini-game, Google maps have added another useful feature to their armoury recently. Public live events including football matches, festivals and exhibitions have been spotted popping up on Google maps when scrolling through the area they’re in with information such as opening and closing times. 

What’s more, Google Maps will also highlight locations of events that have been added to your calendar. It is thought to be in a trial period currently with an unknown date of general release. But be sure that brands and organizations will be clambering over this function as soon as it is available as it could prove to be yet another good approach to advertising to potential customers.




The Spotify of Fashion

Ever wanted your very own personal fashion stylist? Intelistyle is the closest you’ll get. The app is a personal fashion stylist powered by AI that creates new outfit ideas by instantly styling your existing clothes or by suggesting matching clothes to buy to renew your wardrobe.


Gone are the days of scrolling through the 4,092 results for t-shirts on ASOS, of which 99% you could never see yourself wearing, as this app lets you snap a photo and buy new clothes that match what you already own saving you time and money. Other features that Intelistyle offers include remembering what you own and have bought and creating new outfits for you as well as analysing 256 different variables, such as style, colour, pattern, cut and material to help you decide how to match your clothes.




Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Google is both. Google Lens, which is built into Assistant and Photos, is now capable of recognizing specific breeds of dogs or cats. Just take a photo of your Terrier or Burmese with Lens, or get Lens to analyse a photo that already exists on your device, and wait for the results.


In addition to the Google Lens update, which came in honour of National Pet Day on Wednesday, the Google Photos app will now let you label your pet to easily find photos you’ve saved of them and create movies and photo books with the option of ordering a copy. 


Note, unsure whether this works to identify lion, tigers etc.




 3. Ad of the Week

Welcome to the sparkly new column that showcases, as you’ve probably guessed, an ad that is particularly interesting, funny or creative. KFC have rolled out a new campaign for its signature “Hot & Spicy” recipe in Hong Kong that visually brings to life the hot sensation of the product with real-life fireballs. It’s attracted a lot of attention on social media so far so I guess you could say it’s blown up..


 KFC 2