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Wisdom Wednesday #14


Happy Hump-Day! That can only mean one thing..


1. Stats Corner

  • 90% of shoppers are more likely to buy an item if the product description includes specific dimensions or measurements.
  • 63% of consumers are more likely to buy a garment if the product description describes the cut and fit.
  • Embedded ads see eight-times the engagement of interstitial ads.
  • The autocomplete search function saves 200 years of typing time every single day.






2. News

Retailers missing out on revenue from product-focused emails

Retailers are often overlooking how product behaviour's such as price drops, inventory updates and sale items, can influence the emails sent to customers with known product affinities. 


At this moment in time, retailers are more persistent on consumer behaviour emails, including abandoned shopping carts and category searches. Despite this, research suggests that for every $100,000 of revenue that cart abandonment emails drive, retailers can generate an additional $65,000 from product abandonment emails, $28,000 from price decrease emails, $22,000 from new product arrival emails, and $10,000 for back-in-stock emails. 


Other takeaways include that happy customers can quickly do a complete 180⁰ and become frustrated email subscribers due to marketers having difficulty presenting customers with relevant offers in follow up emails. Read the full report here for many more helpful insights




Is Personalisation all that important in the digital industry? 

The answer would appear that perhaps it’s not... When it comes to online experiences for people on desktop and mobile, personalisation is close to the bottom of factors that consumers truly care about.


To play devil’s advocate, this could be our fault as marketers. It could imply that we are prioritizing other elements of the customer’s digital experience and failing deliver personalisation with any real significance or value.


The research results revealed that the biggest difficulty organisations face in relation to personalising websites is not knowing enough about the visitor (48%) and the lack of budget for the technology required to personalise (45%).


When performed correctly however, the results are noteworthy with more than half of respondents pointing to longer viewing times and greater engagements with CTA’s.




3. Ad of the Week

We’re going back in time to the 1950’s where we were all still watching T.V in black and white and Johnny Cash was being played on Jukeboxes around the world. Citroen were reigning supreme on the streets of France too and had just released their new 2CV model.


When you're promoting a car like the 2CV, it helps to be canny about how you advertise. Most companies may take the safe route and use an unoriginal and stale approach but 60 years ago, Citroen changed this industry trope. Deciding to use a sarcastic tone of voice for the advert makes it stand out from the crowd and certainly contributes to its longevity.     

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