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Wisdom Wednesday #15


Let's jump straight into it..

1. Stats Corner

  • Online advert  complaints overtake TV ads for the first time according to the ASA (10,932 / 9,466)
  • 53% of smartphone users do not have their favourite brand’s app installed
  • 85% growth in mobile searches for ‘where to shop’ and ‘where to buy’ over the past 2 years
  • Shopping ads dominate retailers’ paid search click volume accounting for 60% of clicks on Google


2. News

Product Detail Pages aren’t getting the attention they deserve

Research from Monetate that analysed almost 2 billion shopping sessions found that product detail pages (PDP’s) are failing when compared against benchmark landing page data. Key metrics such as conversions and bounce rate are worse off with visitors who enter or land on a PDP 72% more likely to bounce, and half as likely to make a purchase.


This could be because PDP’s are generally right at the end of the sales funnel suggesting consumers who have reached them via other ecommerce landing pages know what they are getting themselves into and are almost committed to buying that particular product. On the other hand, people who land on the PDP’s straightaway are less inclined to buy are more likely to want to search alternative products.


PDP’s are credited with nearly a quarter of all ecommerce landing pages emphasizing the damaging effect of their shortfall and the potential opportunity there is to improve them.


Personalised Searches continue to surge

With search engines becoming smarter and smarter, personalization  is getting more accurate and - whisper it - creepy. SERP’s can display results based off of information they have gathered from your previous search history, whether you’re signed into a google account or not, and many more factors. This goes to show that the algorithms go a lot further than the simple date, time and location.


Plenty may feel sceptical about personalization but the majority find it to be a life hack. Consumers now believe that answers to their most specific questions are out there, and they thrust search to deliver the right response at the right time.


Highly personal language using the pronouns ‘me’, ‘my’ and ‘I’ have increased dramatically with growths of up to 60% for these terms in mobile searches. These should obviously be included in any keyword research models in the future as it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon.


Major Recipe Structured Data Update

Recipe structured data has been targeted by a new Google update causing some recipe sites to become nullified as a result. Google is advocating the structured data to be more compatible with Google Voice Assistant and has recommended 4 new Schema.org properties to be used accordingly.


The good news is that websites who do comply by these new recommendations may benefit from more traffic from a variety of sources as they are discoverable on GVA. By providing video of the recipe, information on the category and cuisine, and keywords such as seasons, holidays and special events to their structured data, site owners can expect improved results.


3. Ad of the Week

Most businesses will experience negative criticism at least once during their lifetime, with it being easier than ever for consumers to moan over the phone or via email. The idea that you can’t please everyone is as true today as it was a century ago, but it's how you deal with the complaints that truly matters.


Snowbird ski resort turned a one-star review into a five-star ad campaign by marketing themselves as ‘the most misunderstood ski resort in the world.’ One star reviews are so rare that they instantly catch the readers eye with the sarcastic tone of voice adding fuel to flames. This fun twist is something different and prevents you from being snow board of all the generic adverts shouting about how great they are.

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