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Wisdom Wednesday #16


Afternoon all,


Hope you’re all having a fantastic Wednesday!

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1. Stats Corner

  • 18% of ecommerce backlinks do not send users where they expect to go.
  • Web visitors spend 57% of the time above the fold - significantly less than the 80% recorded in 2010.
  • 22% of the UK population feel that those with mental health problems are negatively stereotyped in advertising.
  • Shopping Ads have a 300% higher CTR than standard text ads.


2. News

What Next for Sir Martin Sorrel

Sir Martin Sorrel is a celebrity in the advertising world, well known for being the longest serving chief executive of a FTSE 100 company. His WPP empire all came crumbling down on him recently however when it was revealed the head honcho had been accused of ‘personal misconduct’ last month. It is thought that he had misused company assets with specific details still currently being kept under wraps.


If you thought that after his resignation at the end of last month, Sir Martin would be taking it easy, hitting the golf course, sipping margaritas and falling into an early retirement though, you’re wrong. In a recent interview Sorrel stated that he was planning to ‘look at where the opportunities are from a technological point of view, and look at where are the opportunities from a geographic point of view and put the two together.’


Taking into account he started his business in 1985 and has a vast amount of experience and contacts, I wouldn’t bet against this being the last time you hear his name…


Bing Introduces Intelligent Search Results

If any of you are still use Bing, 


a) What are you doing with your life?

b) You may be interested in the new intelligent answers feature.


‘Intelligent answers’ are the equivalent of Google’s quick answers, a box of information that sometimes pop up at the top of SERP’s when searching for pub quiz answers like What is the capital of Ecuador?. In the latest update, Bing have obviously tried to improve the reliability of these answers by increasing the amount of trusted sources needed before it appears from 1 to 5. It seems like this is more important than ever in this current ‘fake news’ climate with people often having to verify information multiple times before being confident that it is correct.


Google I/O

Google’s I/O conference is an annual event where the tech juggernaut showcases their latest developer products and gives the public a first-look at what will be released over the coming months and years. There is always a ton of hype with plenty of interest in advancements of AI, AR, wearable tech, Android, YouTube and more.


From a marketer’s standpoint, here’s the highlight reel:


  • A beta will be launched that allows developers to display relevant content from their apps—such as a product catalogue for a shopping app—within ads, giving users more helpful information before they download an app.
  • Developers who sell ad placements in their app can now more easily report data back to advertisers.
  • Developers can understand and fine-tune the performance of their rewarded ads.


 3. Ad of the Week 

Using a mobile phone at the wheel of a car is still a huge problem despite everyone knowing how dangerous it can be. That’s why this simple but effective message from Opel, gets the obvious facts across in a blunt yet clever way. 

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