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Wisdom Wednesday #20


We're back! You can't get rid of us that easily.


1. Stats Corner

  • Email is rated the most effective marketing channel for ROI in 2017 with 74% of people rating it as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ followed by SEO with 70% and PPC with 62%.
  • 25% of all 16-25 in the UK registered on ITV's platform to watch Love Island.
  • 64% of customers switch from one brand to another due to a lack of relevance and 68% of people would recommend companies perceived as relevant to their friends and family.
  • 25% of owners use their voice assistants every day, but 30% claim to regularly forget they have one in the house.


2. News

Facebook unveil their print magazine 'Grow'

Grow magazine by Facebook – not to be mistaken for the quintessential cannabis horticulture magazine based in Oregon – is a brand new quarterly publication being launched by Zuckerberg and co. The irony in this of course, is that the social network juggernaut has its roots in digital and has excelled in engaging with consumers online offering trending topics and news articles for free at the touch of a button. Due to this, 45% of Americans in 2017 revealed that they used Facebook as their primary source of news, triggering doubt into the future of newspapers and magazines.


The official statement from Facebook claims that this strategic move is to help “grow businesses, networks and perspectives by shining a light on people, companies and trends that are challenging the status quo through events and multi-platform content”. Grow will also be available via the Facebook blog and be advertised on its other platforms Instagram and LinkedIn.

The magazines are being targeted at commuters and busy travelers across the UK with the glossy prints available at selected airport terminals and train stations. Facebook could definitely be blamed for unintentionally killing the magazine trade but it looks as if they’re bringing it back from the dead too. Only time will tell whether there were more brains behind this decision than their zombie publication.

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Alexa is set to become your personal butler

Last week it was confirmed that Amazon and global hotel chain Marriott agreed to partner up and launch the new programme Alexa for Hospitality. The significance of this move is that Marriott had been testing both Alexa and Siri to be their voice controlled platform suggesting the latter just wasn’t quite up to scratch. Alexa for Hospitality is a special version of the company’s voice assistant that will be distributed on an invitation basis to hotels and can be customized and tailored to each individual hospitality location.


This game changer will include features such as:

  • Information on Checkout times and Pool Hours – Gives you a head start in the race for optimum chair position. Towel rule still applies.
  • Request Housekeeping – No more awkward shower encounters after you forget to put the sign up outside your door.
  • Request Room Service – Laziness to put your shoes on and eat in the restaurant downstairs reaches another level.
  • Adjust Thermostat/Blinds/other ‘Smart Features’ – Multitask to the max.
  • Connect to Amazon Account (Spotify, Audible) – Brace yourself for the noise complaints after your solo karaoke session.

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3. Ad of the Week

Black and grey are often colours associated with dullness and uninspiring pieces of work however these print ads designed by Alexander Nedelev are anything but. The environmental message of the ads come across loud and clear with the diminishing population of large fishes and deterioration of the world’s forests being highlighted. The retro video game style adds a poignant touch with the imagery of Pac-Man and Space Invaders tugging at your nostalgia, taking you back to when the situation was not as severe.


The smartest bit of the poster is the tagline which brings everything together – “It’s not a game anymore”. Like the rest of the ad, the text uses grey and black text with a different message being revealed depending on the colour you read in. The black text reading “It’s not me” is certainly thought-provoking and possibly a metaphor for the commentary on a lack of responsibility or ability to affect to change.

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