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Wisdom Wednesday #21


1. Stats Corner

  • Research suggests that 65% of users prefer using a social login to a traditional form.
  • Overnight internet traffic shot up by 19% during last year’s biggest heatwave, compared to the average traffic for the same period four weeks before.
  • Missguided says it has seen sales increase by around 40% during the evenings Love Island is on.
  • 63% of millennial consumers and 58 percent of GenX consumers are willing to share data with companies in exchange for personalized offers and discounts


2. News

How will Wimbledon engage with their audience after the golden era of tennis?

Federer is 37 years old, Serena Williams 36, Nadal is 32, and Djokovic, Murray and Sharapova are all in their 30’s. Wimbledon opened its doors again this week to welcome the greatest tennis players in the world to compete in one of the most prestigious sporting competitions out there. The aforementioned superstars are what brings the public to watch in their thousands and help create hype on social media around the event. The last 15 years of the game is widely considered as the golden era of tennis but the problem is that these athletes are all reaching the end of their careers. With dwindling interest in the up and coming tennis talents, Wimbledon are right to be concerned about the future of their audience.


Engaging an audience on a year-round basis for a 14 day event is a challenge that Wimbledon face annually. To help combat this, those working behind the scenes ensure Wimbledon is active on social media by collaborating with the other three Grand Slam tournaments in Australia, France and the US. They will also look to try and extend Wimbledon fever by revealing trailers weeks before the tournament and highlight montages the weeks following.


One tactic Wimbledon is also exploring to increase engagement is the possibility of working with its partners at other times of the year. For the casual tennis fan who is only interested when Murray and co are in town, traffic is going to be low for the rest of the months. But Wimbledon is more than just tennis with history, fashion, food and drink just a few other stories that could be brought to life. Ralph Lauren and IBM are just a few examples of these partners so collaborations with the likes of London Fashion Week or a new exciting piece of equipment should be in the pipelines.


2018 is to be a crucial one for Wimbledon in how they market themselves so one hopes that they don’t get forgotten behind the World Cup hysteria.

Wisdom Wednesday 21 pic 3.png

Cannes Lions Winner

Cannes may be synonymous with sandy beaches, red wine and luxury hotels but it’s also renowned for The Cannes Festival Lions International Festival of Creativity. This event is distinguished the world over for those working in creative communications, advertising, and related fields. Awards are given to campaigns based on categories including innovation, experience, impact and many more. In short this is the World Cup of creative ads.


Hundreds of entries were judged with all the winners and runners up showcased on their website here, for when you all need a bit of creative inspiration. The standout campaign for us however was the winner of the Brand Experience and Activation award. This class praises creative, comprehensive brand building through the next level use of experience design, activation, immersive, retail and 360⁰ customer engagement which Burger King’s campaign had in abundance.


With the launch of ‘It’, Pennywise was reborn as one of the scariest characters in the mainstream and became everyone’s default Halloween costume. The clever marketing brains at Burger King decided to combine this viral personality with Burger King’s biggest rival’s mascot for their campaign, in the effort to troll Ronald during Halloween. They took this opportunity and grabbed it with both hands as you can see here, showing that they’re not just the king of burgers.

Wisdom Wednesday 21 pic 2.png

3. Ad of the Week

I think everyone is in mutual agreement about the effectiveness of this ad but maybe less so about whether ketchup should be stored in the fridge or cupboard… Heinz is a one of a kind condiment that is enjoyed the world over and can make even the worse of school dinners bearable. Although putting the red stuff on a steak is a questionable move to begin with, they clearly get the message across with the cardboard cut-outs illustrating the complete lack of flavour Heinz expect you to experience once you take a bite.


The Heinz bottle is an iconic symbol and links the message to the brand whilst the deep red clearly stands out against the bland background. One thing we can take away from this, is that we’re no further to settling the age old debate of if ketchup or brown sauce goes better in a bacon sandwich but it would certainly be a mi-steak to not use either.

Wisdom Wednesday 21 pic 1.png