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Wisdom Wednesday #23


It was a slow news week so just the one story. It's a goodun' though!


1. Stats Corner

  • Amazon Prime Day sales up 89% in first 12 hours from last year with sales orders up 69%.
  • Consumers believe that the creepiest technology being used by marketers and advertisers is ‘emotion detection technology that adapts your shopping experience to your mood’ with 58% of people choosing this option.
  • UK heatwave cause 17% increase in online purchases due to shoppers turning to their mobile phones when they are too hot to sleep at night.
  • U.S. podcast advertising captured $314 million in revenue in 2017, a rise of 86% over $169 million in 2016. It is estimated to be $659 million by 2020.


2. News

Who really won the World Cup?

The world cup was won just 3 days ago and most of the population are already experiencing withdrawal symptoms from cheering on Harry Maguire’s brick of a forehead. France beat Croatia to take the trophy home but for some of the biggest companies in the world, there was a more important crown up for grabs. Marketing at the world cup is a huge deal, with brand advertising easily reaching billions of pairs of eyes, resulting in huge money making opportunities for all involved. The usual suspects were involved this summer with official sponsors and partners of the world cup including the likes of McDonald’s, Adidas, Budweiser and Coca-Cola, but regardless of this huge prestige, all of these companies came second best in the marketing stakes.


The rightful winner of the World Cup this year was Nike, despite not being an official sponsor of the tournament. According to Nike, 100 goals were scored by players wearing the company’s boots, including Golden Boot winner England’s Harry Kane and Young Player of the Tournament winner France’s Kylian Mbappe. And just to rub salt into the wounds of Adidas, both teams playing the final were donning Nike kits – the first time this has ever happened. Little kids will be nagging at their parents to get Modric’s Nike boots with heat seeking passing abilities for months to come.


Nike's overall football revenues climbed 8% to $2.15 billion during its recently completed fiscal year, trailing only sportswear and basketball in terms of growth. It would be a safe bet to assume this number will only increase after the exposure in Russia this summer. The money is coming home for Nike.

Wisdom Wednesday 23


3. Ad of the Week

Marmite is one of the most divisive products on the planet, often splitting a room in half on whether they love it or hate it as their famous slogan preaches. I’m a passionate advocate for the spread and believe that it is black nectar sent from the gods that humans are unworthy of. The fact that it has been wasted drawing the picture in the advert is heart-breaking. Also marmite and beans on toast is a game changer for anyone who hasn’t tried it.


It’s still alien to me that some people could dislike marmite but that’s just my opinion. Marmite acknowledges audience opinion in this print ad, which aligns marmite with a portrait of Bush and the tagline “You either love it hate it” – possibly the biggest understatement of all time. This campaigns works well picking polarising figures, and subjects that creates conversation and engagement from consumers trying to back their own corners. Neymar, The Star Wars prequels and Crocs, are just a few other subjects that marMIGHT be considered for the love it or hate it campaign in the future.

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