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Wisdom Wednesday #3


Wisdom Wednesday has made it a hat-trick and I’m just as surprised as you all are that it has survived this long. On this day in history, Walt Disney bought Pixar for $7.5 billion, Churchill died at the age of 90 and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was #1 in the charts. In more up to date news, the digital marketing world has been ALMOST as eventful.


1. Stats Corner

  • 64% of Americans surveyed think that Donald Trump should quit Twitter
  • A survey found that 59% of people skip YouTube adverts as soon as they can, 29% watch the ad until it finishes and a further 11% have installed ad blockers
  • Half of online shoppers abandon a purchase if they don’t like the delivery options
  • SEO is the most in demand service from your clients


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2. News

Amazon opens first checkout-free food shop

The much anticipated Amazon Go store opened its doors to the public for the first time this week after months of pushbacks from the original proposed launch date. As the rest of us queue up to pay at the self-service machines that inevitably crash for the 6728th time, the people in Seattle will be able to walk out the store without getting their wallet out. The technology behind the app is unfortunately under lock and key and expect further store locations to be revealed 


  • The customer first needs to download the free Amazon app and link it to their Amazon shopping account
  • Before entering the store, check in buy scanning a QR code
  • Do your shopping as usual
  • Walk straight out the shop with your meal deal feeling extra smug 

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Google AdWords update allows advertisers to edit keywords on the move

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There’s no excuses for slacking now. AdWords advertisers can now manage the keyword list for any of their campaigns, as well as get new ideas for keywords and see a forecast of how the keywords will perform. Take work with you wherever you go now whether you’re riding the tube, at a party or on the loo.



Page Speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search

  • Starting in July, Google will finally use mobile page speed as a ranking in their mobile search results. Before now, page speed was only a ranking factor on desktops.
  • The reason behind this update is to improve the user experience on search
  • It’s reported that only the pages that deliver the slowest experiences to users will be impacted by the update.
  • The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly, if it still has great, relevant content.
  • Google recommends that disabling auto play on videos and stopping full-page popups and interstitials from appearing on the site is the best way to improve mobile UX

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The Skittles’ Super Bowl ad that only 1 person will ever see 

The Skittles ad is so exclusive that just one lucky fan will have the opportunity to view the advert during the game. The rest of us mere mortals will have to settle for watching the live-stream of his reactions to the ad on the Skittles Facebook page.

  • With TV ad spots during the game costing around $5 million, marketers are willing to embrace any strategy that can help with ROI
  • The concept of “What you cannot see is more interesting than what you can see” is extremely powerful in this case
  • The ridiculousness of the idea is creating a huge buzz across social media
  • There’ll no doubt be reaction videos to the reaction video by popular YouTubers that will be watched by their millions of subscribers.
  • This user generated content will almost act as free advertising to Skittles and is an innovative way of promoting their brand.

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3. Alternative Oscars

With Oscar season back in full swing, Twitter feeds have been flooded with talk about the latest nominations. After a while this can get irritating. Especially when your friend who studied Media at university thinks of themselves as an actual film critic and moans about how the black and white foreign film documentary got snubbed for best picture. If you look at the odds for each category, the winner has seemingly been picked already so here are a few alternative awards that could be presented:


Best Facial Hair in a Movie - Hercule Poirot (Murder on the Orient Express)

Wisdom Wednesday 3 pic 6

This was an easy decision. The perfectly manicured moustache is a scene stealer and the envy of many men.


Most Ironic Movie Title – Bright

Wisdom Wednesday 3 pic 7

Incredibly Dull. 



Film most likely to have been set in the UK – Geostorm

Wisdom Wednesday 3 pic 8

Considering the weather today, need I say more?



Best Adam Sandler Movie 

Wisdom Wednesday 3 pic 9

Ha, don’t be ridiculous.