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Wisdom Wednesday #4


Don’t worry everyone, you can call off the search party now. Wisdom Wednesday is back albeit slightly late and the good news is you’ll have two helpings to digest this week.


1. Stats Corner

  • In a survey that asked, ‘How many hours search and digital marketing pros typically work per day’, 38% answered 8 hours per day, 33% said between 9-12 hours, 14% said no more than 4 hours and the remaining 15% answered with “If I’m awake, I’m working”
  • Half of travellers who recalled seeing online travel ads in the USA said they were influential when planning their next trip
  • Only 31% of marketers have broadcast live video, which is surprising because live video is six times more effective at generating interactions than non-live video








2. News

Instagram Posts Can Now Be Scheduled in Advance

Instagram is finally introducing a way for users to schedule posts in advance. Specifically, tools that utilize the Instagram Graph API, such as Hootsuite now have the ability to schedule posts. Tools with the Instagram Graph API can allow multiple team members to manage large volumes of content across multiple IG accounts.


This is obviously going to be very beneficial to anyone working in social media who is looking to pre-plan their content. Beforehand, third parties like Hootsuite, Planoly etc. would allow you to schedule and then send a reminder for you to post. This update cuts out the middle part allowing for them (or any of their other partners) to post for you. Prior to this update, IG didn't allow for them to do that.

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WhatsApp rolls out new app for business 

A couple of weeks ago, WhatsApp announced the unveiling of the WhatsApp Business app in an exclusive list of countries including UK, Italy and Indonesia. The free app is essentially just another Facebook page for companies to create a presence on the platform and use it to connect and link with customers.


The app offers specific messaging tools, such as ‘quick replies’ and ‘away messages’ to make customer service as easy and as accessible as possible. Features include:


  • A business profile where you can store useful information for customers such as your address, business description, email and phone number
  • Automated messages to greet new customers to your business
  • Messaging statistics to analyse important metrics like how many of your messages were sent, delivered and read


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Leeds United a laughing stock over terrible rebranding

Leeds United are one of the biggest names in English football with huge names associated to the club including the legendary Brian Clough. Everybody feared drawing their number in the FA Cup as a trip to Elland Road was known to make many men quake in their boots, due to the passion and intensity of their fans. 


This makes it all the more surprising that when the head honchos at Leeds decided they needed a new crest, over 10,000 people were consulted about the design and not one of those was a football fan. If they had, they would have surely avoided the disaster they ended up with. Most fans believed it was just a bad joke and that the club was just trolling them but reality soon set in. Immediate backlash on social media and a petition to go back to the old badge were created as this went down as one of the worst rebranding’s in history.

Wisdom Wednesday 4 pic 3

New Vs Old Badge

The main problem people had was it looked like a cheesy and unintimidating stock photo. What’s more, everyone pointed out it was basically a rip off from the PES logo. Fortunately, Leeds United have since announced they will rethink their design.


To me it just looks like the Gaviscon guy.

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In a blow to marketers, Google will let users opt-out of remarketing ads

  • Earlier this week, Mozilla revealed that it has added ‘Opt-in Tracking Protection’ to its Firefox browser.
  • This essentially allows the public to obstruct trackers often used by ad networks.


No big deal, right?


  • Well now Google has announced that they are increasing the number of places where its “Mute this Ad” functionality will be available.
  • Additionally, they will be applying “Mute this Ad” across devices.
  • Once a user tells Google she doesn't like an ad, Google will stop displaying it across all the devices that user is logged into.


Google also unveiled that they are including a new feature to Ads Settings that will permit users to “mute” remarketing ads.


Everybody Panic.

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Holster your gun and finish your cheeseburger, the Super bowl is over and it’s been reported that the cost for a single 30-second advert during the game was $5 million dollars. Although some of the adverts improve their brand image and result in boosted sales that justify the huge price-tag, most miss the mark and fail miserably. Due to this I’ve compiled a list of a better way the companies could have spent their $5 million on:


  • 2 million Takeaway Coffees – Probably enough to get you through the week
  • 883.4 Bitcoins – Become a 100% qualified financial advisor when you buy your first bitcoin
  • 10 Tickets to Mars – Bit of an upgrade from the usual weekend away to a caravan park in Slough
  • 6 Copies of the 1st copy of The Beatles ‘White Album’ – A sound investment
  • 4 Bugatti Veyron’s – Not that handy when you haven’t passed your driving theory test though…
  •  of the Mona Lisa painting – Her left ear would look great framed above the downstairs toilet