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Wisdom Wednesday #5


Just keeping you all on your toes by posting this week’s Wisdom Wednesday on a Thursday. Rules are there to be broken. 


1. Stats Corner

  • 84% of consumers are more likely to choose a retailer that has a loyalty programme
  • The Super bowl advert with the highest engagement score shown during the game was the M&M’s ad featuring Danny DeVito
  • Only 17 percent of marketers incorporate schema mark-up in their websites
  • 72% of Google Home requests are for playing music, stopping music, timers, alarms, turning lights on and off and adjusting volume


2. News

Google adds new features & improves navigation for mobile hotel & flight searches

Google already has an impressive search feature for mobile when it comes to planning your next holiday, with extensive information on hotel and flight prices. In recent days though, they have made recent developments to make it even more immersive and easier to plan your upcoming travels. New features that will be added include:


  • My Destinations – A tab used to showcase an expanded list of travel destination ideas
  • Your Trips – A tab that showcases all of your future trips under one roof when linked to the users Gmail account
  • Edit and email your trip reservations to friends and family under the Your Trips tab
  • Toggle between Google Flights and the new Hotels tab at the top of the page recommending hotels in the area you’re searching for

All of the above and more is expected to majorly increase the navigation experience when it comes to booking a holiday.

Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 1



Instagram tests Facebook’s shoppable Collection ads

 Instagram is following in the path of Facebook by testing a version of Collection ads that have become so popular for advertisers on the platform. The format will be similar in that the brand will be able to highlight their individual products on a carousel with the option of adding a video too.


Unlike Facebook, IG will look to use three photos instead of four in the carousel, presumably to create a consistent image across the site as their grids of three photos have become so iconic. Tapping on any of the product photos will open the same catalog. From that catalog, people will then be able to click on a product to see it on the brand’s site.


Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 2




Google adds new SEO Audit category to Chrome’s Lighthouse extension


Before the latest update, Google Chrome’s Lighthouse extension was widely used by marketers and developers to review and audit websites. This week it was announced that the tool would now be able to inspect important SEO aspects to give the user feedback on where the website is doing well and where it could be improved. Some of the features that the extension can check for includes:


  • Descriptive anchor text.
  • Titles, description.
  • If the page can be crawled by Google.
  • HTTP status code.
  • Valid hreflang and rel=canonical tags.
  • UX — legible font sizes, plugins.
  • Makes recommendations for additional reports.


Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 3



Restaurant owners can now edit menu listings in Google My Business

Google My Business has been home to thousands of companies over the years and benefits both business owners looking to increase online visibility and the general public keen to find new companies in their local area. One of the biggest industries that profited was the restaurant industry with contact info, maps, reviews and photos of the establishment available when searched for on Google.


Restaurant owners who are managing their own Google My Business (GMB) listings can now access a new editor to create and edit the menus that may display in their listings in Google mobile search results. Descriptions and prices of their menu items can also be broken out into sections for appetizers, entrees and desserts.


This feature was accessible in the past but only through 3rd party menu services and the API, so this is definitely less of a headache now for restaurant owners.


Could be useful for Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 4

3. Winter Olympics


Fictional Thermometer

On the 9th February, the coldest Winter Olympics ever are being kicked off in South Korea with temperatures reaching as low as -25⁰C with wind-chill. In order to properly gauge how ridiculously cold this is, I’ve made a virtual thermometer with a few reference points so you can accurately compare each temperature.


100000⁰C - Mount Doom

Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 5 



90⁰C - Pixie Lott

Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 6




30⁰C - Sainsbury’s Chicken Jalfrezi Ready Meal

 Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 7



0⁰C - Vanilla Ice

Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 9 



-25⁰C - 2018 Winter Olympics




-60⁰C - Jack Torrance

Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 12 



-100⁰C - Katie Hopkins Heart

 Wisdom Wednesday 5 pic 13