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Wisdom Wednesday #6


Back to normality this week with another Wisdom Wednesday actually on the correct day. Slow week in the marketing world but still three interesting stories to sink your teeth into. 


1. Stats Corner

  • 47% of Brits make impulse purchases via social media on a monthly basis – with the average user spending £318 a year
  • 90% growth in searches for football ‘highlight’ videos on YouTube in the past year
  • There has been a 55% increase in searches for ‘outfits for’ over the last 2 years
  • For every second delay in mobile page load, conversions can fall up to 20%







2. News

Facebook to Begin Measuring Post Reach Based on Actual Views


Have you noticed that the organic reach of your ads has declined over the past few days? Read on to find out why.


For the last few years, reach for page posts has been determined by the amount of times a post has been loaded in the news feed. If a post was delivered in the news feed it would count as a view, even if the user didn’t actually scroll down to see the post.


Starting from this week, however this metric will be calculated by how many times the post physically pops up on the viewers screen.


Facebook have been kind enough to give marketers time to adapt when it comes to reporting though by still displaying the old metric in the Page Insights overview section.

Wisdom Wednesday 6 pic 1.png



Google brings the popular Stories format to AMP


Following in the steps of Snapchat and Instagram, Google have finally arrived to the party with their own spin on the ‘story’ feature.


Called AMP stories, this new format will allow publishers to post tap-through pieces that can be linked to from anywhere else on the web. That’s where AMP stories sets itself apart.


Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, where stories must be viewed within their ecosystems, AMP stories are just like any other piece of content on the internet. They can include anything from images text and videos.


Wisdom Wednesday 6 pic 2.png



Amazon TV ad escapes ban despite causing customer device to place an order


In one of Amazon’s most recent TV ads, a man asks his Alexa device to ‘re-order some cat food’. This triggered the Alexa device in the consumer’s home to order the product unwillingly causing outrage among other users and the Advertising Standards Authority alike.


Amazon claim that they have technology to stop these situations from happening after the creators of South Park decided to take advantage of this same scenario on one of their episodes.


The situation with the Purina ad has highlighted the fact that the Amazon Echo and Google Home significantly under deliver compared to their dotcom experiences. But getting their devices to accurately provide the right response every time is years away.


Wisdom Wednesday 6 pic 3.png



3. Pancake or Panfake?


Whether you prefer the classic combo of lemon and sugar or you’re still just a big kid who goes for Nutella (marmite for me), Pancake Day is easily up there with Christmas and Halloween as holiday of the year. You may think yourself as a crepe connoisseur but can you identify these pancakes from the panfakes? Comment, share and tag us in your answers and we'll reveal how well you did.


A)   Pancake 2


B)   Pancake 2


C)   Pancake 3.jpg


D)   Pancake 4.jpg


E)   Pancake 5


F)   Pancake 6