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Wisdom Wednesday #7


1.  Stats Corner


  • 24% of customers spend up to six months researching products before making a considered purchase with the main reason cited is a lack of confidence in brands and services.
  • 79% of customers say they have gone in store to make a final purchase after browsing online, so they can see what an item looks like in reality.
  • Conversely, 70% of people revealed they have seen a product in a store and then made the final purchase online.
  • With influencer marketing, 60% of people agree that their perception of a brand is improved when it is transparent about product promotion. 





2. News

Trainline report huge success with voice app

In November 2017, Trainline released a voice app to be used alongside Google Assistant with the objective of making the commuting experience as smooth and easy as possible. An impossible task if you use the SWR network but you can’t fault them for trying.


The app allows you to ask it just about anything including whether your train is running on time, the weather at your destination and the number of changes you need to on your journey. This is all achieved through their sophisticated AI system which will only get better and more accurate with the more people that use it.


The showcase piece of the app is BusyBot. This feature enables you to locate train carriages most likely to have empty seats and more space, so that you can travel more comfortably. 26,000 people engage with BusyBot on average every day with this figure only expected to rise.


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Facebook Reveals New Tool for Posting Personal Lists

Facebook has announced a new type of timeline post that allows users to create and publish personal lists. Lists can be about anything— to-do lists, top 10 lists, bucket lists, lists of dream travel destinations, and so on.


The idea behind this move is to make Facebook more personable again, by giving people the opportunity to learn even more about their personal life and thoughts. Playing devil’s advocate though, allowing consumers to build lists of things they like produces more private information to sell to advertisers.


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Google ‘People Also Search For’ Feature Gets a Big Update

The ‘People also search for’ feature is a popular tool for the public to find related search queries they may not have thought of and for marketers conducting keyword research. It always used to appear at the bottom of SERP’s but now it’s showing up in other places after it is triggered by a click back from an unsatisfactory search result.


The feature itself isn’t new but the dynamic placement and the look of it is. Triggering it is easy. Search for anything on google and click on one of the results. Wait on the page for about 5 seconds and click back. A little box should emerge under the result you clicked on with this ‘People also search for’ feature.


This change will give Google more feedback on searches but it is unsure if and how this will disrupt rankings.


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Are virtual stars the next step for influencer marketing?

A new phenomenon has cropped up, which hasn’t done much to help perceived authenticity within the influencer marketing industry. It’s mainly down to Lil Miquela – a virtual/CGI influencer with an impressive 600,000 followers on Instagram. Read more about her/it here.


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