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Wisdom Wednesday #8


Its minus a billion degrees outside, every pavement is a death-trap and I’ve run out of snacks at home but it won’t stop a Wisdom Wednesday from going out on time. 


1. Stats Corner

  • 5.8% of marketing budgets are currently spent on analytics, but CMOs say this will rise to 17.3% over the next three years.
  • Online will account for 21% of non-grocery retail sales in Western Europe by 2022
  • Retailers with shopping apps see 50% of online sales take place on mobile
  • 16% increase in opt-ins on push notifications in 2017







2. News

Google Impact Calculator

It’s widely known that the speed of a website has a significant bearing on where it ends up ranking on the search page. The faster the site, the more engaging the user experience is. There is a lot of research out there already that suggests most people will abandon a mobile visit if the page takes more than a couple of seconds to load.


Due to this, Google has released 2 new tools to help compare mobile page speeds against competitor sites to see if there is any room for improvement, and calculate how much revenue could be increased by speeding up your site by a few seconds.

It’s important to note that this is just an estimate of course based on the statistic that a one second delay in page load time can lower conversions by up to 20%.

Wisdom Wednesday 8 pic 1



Google launches AdSense Auto ads

Google has unveiled the introduction of AdSense Auto ads, a new feature that enables publishers the capability to allow Google “to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf. Once publishers insert a fragment some JavaScript to their pages and configure which of the 3 ad formats on offer they desire, Google does the rest of the hard work.


Google says that “Auto ads will identify any available ad space and place new ads there, potentially increasing your revenue” and notes that “Auto ads will take into account all existing Google ads on your pages”, eliminating the need for publishers to remove existing tags on their sites.

Wisdom Wednesday 8 pic 2



Google AdWords Keyword Planner Overhaul

Google appears to be rolling out an overhaul of AdWords Keyword Planner in the new AdWords interface. Here are a few of the highlights to keep your eyes peeled for:


  • Search Volume - The Keyword ideas chart in the new Keyword Planner shows total monthly search volumes like the old version, but also shows mobile search volume in the main chart side by side together for the 1st time
  • Keyword Ideas – Two new metrics have been added to Keyword Ideas including organic impression share and organic average share position for the keywords if a site ranks for them
  • Forecasting - The new forecasts section immediately shows total estimated performance impact, including a max CPC, from the keywords.

Wisdom Wednesday 8 pic 3



Facebook Ad Metrics Made Simpler

Facebook has started labeling it’s metrics in Ads Manager to make it clearer to users whether that particular metric is estimated or not. If it has no label, it is safe to assume that the metric is an exact calculation; if it has an estimated label, the metric should be used as a guidance figure due to the result being too hard to measure; and if it has an in development label, the metric is still being tested or is brand new and therefore has no data.

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