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Wisdom Wednesday #9


More nerdy goodness to soak up, enjoy!


1. Stats Corner

  • 87% of people are willing to give up their personal data in exchange for a better online digital experience
  • 20% of Brits feel brands have a responsibility to promote gender equality such as Gudrun’s International Women’s Day
  • Social sharing has declined by 50% since 2015
  • Etsy, Confused.com and Booking.com have most user friendly mobile sites in their respective industries in the UK according to new survey by Google







2. News

Celebrity chefs and their Instagram strategies

Food is as much a visual art as it is a culinary one which makes Instagram the ideal social media outlet to post and promote their work. Each chef has their own individual style which shines through on the platform allowing their personality to come across really well. The following blog showcases some of the bigger names in the cooking world and how they are utilizing their channels and engaging with their audiences, including a certain F Bombing Scot. One strategy GR could adopt is used by Nigella Lawson on her Instagram:


'Consistency is also another reason her 1.1m followers return, with Nigella’s #recipeoftheday series providing daily inspiration on what to cook. It also effectively promotes Nigella’s website, which requires users to sign-up for free in order to get access. This also indicates that data plays a key role for Nigella, with the information gathered perhaps informing future content and marketing ideas.'


Wisdom Wednesday 9 pic 1




Disney Theme Parks now on Google Street View

Kids been begging you to take them all the way to Florida to visit DisneyLand? Show them the next best thing. Mickey and friends will all be available to see on Google Street View allowing everyone to meet their Disney favourites minus the flight costs, long lines and rip-off drinks prices. 11 Disney parks in total have been added to Google Street View.


Street View allows users to virtually view and walk around almost all of the park’s attractions and rides. It’s a great way for prospective visitors to see the park physically before they go and preview new attractions. Otherwise, you could play the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse album at full volume and put your favourite VR headset on to experience Disney in all its glory.


Street View has had its fair share of controversies in the past including gathering extracts of personal web activity from domestic Wi-Fi networks through the Street View cars. 

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F1 makes biggest investment in digital to date

Formula 1 has announced it is launching a new subscription service to try and change brand perceptions, engage existing fans of the sport and attract a new audience too.


F1 TV will launch across 40 markets – including Germany, France and the USA but not in the UK – next month, in time for the upcoming Formula One season. It will allow fans to watch ad-free live streams of each race, while on-board cameras will show live content from the driver’s point of view.


The app will launch without any advertising, but Norman said Formula One is open to conversations “if there is a relevance there” to improve the customer experience.

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